Radiating Sunshine: Saying Goodbye to Winter

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Winter

Happy Groundhog Day! "For the first time in forever" I feel like the Ground Hog hasn't predicted six more weeks of winter. I'm over the moon that spring will be coming sooner rather than later (my allergies still haven't gotten on board) Winter definitely has its charms and benefits. So, today I'm sticking on the positive track and sharing why I love Winter. 

Anyways, here we go... my five reasons to love winter:

(1) The sunsets

are amazing! There is just something about the white ground and the pink sky that just brightens my whole evening. I mean seriously, could this sunset get any prettier? I mean... maybe if I got rid of the buildings and had a mountain background. But, this will work too!
(2) Shoveling is really the best workout

Call me crazy, but I love shoveling as a workout method. There is just something so soothing about picking up a shovel, working away at a sidewalk, and clearing a path. It's incredibly therapeutic for me and definitely boosts my happiness levels right on up!

(3) My new winter headband

I really wish I knew how to crochet because I would make these for every single person I know. I love my headband and I have been wearing it every day. The only downside to wearing it every day is it's already starting to thin out :( Thus, I really need to learn how to crochet.
Also my new knock off duck boots are also a highlight of winter!
(4) Napping and Netflix

Forget Netflix and Chill and give me a warm blanket, a couch, a series to binge on, and a nap to be had. Recently, I have been on the re-watch Gossip Girl bandwagon. I don't even know why I watch these crazy brats who drink way too much, scheme way too much, and wear clothes I would never dream of wearing! However, it's definitely my guilty pleasure and I definitely have a girl crush in Blair.

(5) Life just slows down

After the recent blizzard, I can honestly say I didn't drive anywhere for almost a week. I just walked everywhere, got a lot of work done, baked a ton of delicious treats, and enjoyed life in the slow lane. Now, that the roads are clear I'll probably get back on my crazy on the go life. But, really there is nothing better than a snowstorm to slow you down and make you aware of how good enjoying every moment is.

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