Radiating Sunshine: October 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Confessions

This week has been a crazy one! Between work, classes, and prepping for the East vs. West Powderpuff Football Game I have been running around like a mad woman! But, on the plus side I am taking today off so, I'm really excited to spend the day visiting the Mount, hiking with my handsome boyfriend, and maybe eating all you can eat Chick-Fil-A!

But, before I get started I wanted to type a quick little Friday Confessions post!

I confess... I have been loving these cute and affordable flats that I got from Payless! I keep getting a ton of compliments and everyone thinks they are Tory Burch flats... and I chuckle so much at the fact that my $12 flats look like they are $120 flats! Woohoo for payless!

I confess... that I'm really looking forward to Halloween! Josh and I have plans to go to the Ship's football game, carve a pumpkin, eat Halloween cookies, and snuggle up in a fort while watching Harry Potter. Could it get any better? I don't think so!

I confess... that my staff is awesome! Sometimes I forget what it's like to be an undergraduate student so I am working hard to remember and consider all of the academic pressures they have! And to make a long story short I'm just really impressed by their dedication!

I confess... that at the last big program I went to I painted a flower pot and planted some little marigolds. I wasn't expecting much because I usually have the worst luck with planting things. But, to my surprise I have a full fledged little plant growing in my apartment! I squealed with joy when I saw these babies growing and I can't wait to see if I can keep them alive through the winter. 

Check out my beautiful view... of... the other half of my building!
I confess... that I have recently developed the ability to be okay when I look at my to do list and see all of the things I did not complete! I used to get so bent out of shape when I would have things unattended to, but now it has become a part of my daily reality #adultproblems

That's all I have for now folks! Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving, woah there... not sure where Thanksgiving just came from! Hope you all have a lovely Halloween and that November doesn't fly by as quickly as October did!  

Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Recap 10/26/15

This past weekend I really had the best of all of my worlds. I went to a conference and learned valuable things for my career. I successfully worked my first Open House. I hosted my first Halloween Party in my apartment. My RAs hosted a wonderful Fall Festival and I got to hang out with my Hall Council members and bake cookies with them. 

Here is a little peak at my wonderful weekend spent with friends, staff members, and Josh!
For the Halloween Party, my friend Matt came over early and helped me carve the cutest little pumpkin. I found the idea on Pinterest to have the guacamole coming out of the pumpkin's mouth and to put queso in a bowl in the middle of the pumpkin. I also served pigs in a blanket that looked like little mummies. They were an absolute hit and I used the Aldi's brand hot dogs, which were delicious.  My friend Hannah brought some delicious buffalo chicken dip and we had quite the food spread.
 It was a little costume party and everyone loved putting together their outfits... well, everyone except Ben! Anyways, it is a tradition for all of my college friends and I to get together for Halloween. We have been doing this for over two years and everyone really gets into it! I think next year, I'm really going to have to be a little more creative than standard cat ears.
And one of the best parts of the whole weekend was seeing this guy! As far as party goers go, Josh is more on the quieter end, but I definitely couldn't throw a party without him. He is beyond helpful and would do anything for me. We make quite the dynamic duo and there is no other guy I would rather have by my side helping me host and greeting all of my friends. Seriously, so grateful!
On Sunday, my RAs hosted a Fall Festival! We had DIY Caramel Apples, Fall crafts, decorate your own pumpkins, corn hole, apple cider, and Fall trivia! We had about 30 residents come out for this Fall afternoon of fun and it was an absolute blast. My RAs did a great job planning this event and hopefully it made the residents feel ready for Halloween.
 After some paper writing and salad eating, I met up with my wonderful Hall Council members to do some extreme baking! They made probably 200+ Halloween sugar cookies for our Spooky Cookie Party tomorrow night. I couldn't have asked for a better group of students. They are so dedicated to their building and putting on great programs for their fellow residents.
And that's a wrap! Next weekend, Josh and I have some fun Fall/Halloween plans, which include going for runs, watching the Ship Raiders play some football, and cuddle up with some Halloween movies. I can't wait for this week to fly on by so we can spend a nice Halloween together.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Traditions

I'm sorry for my lack of presence around this little blog of mine... but, for the past two weeks life has been full of changing leaves, adventures, cups of apple cider, and good company. I've been loving Fall and everything that comes with it! This past weekend Josh and I enjoyed an extended weekend as we both welcomed Fall Break. We spend this last weekend celebrating our good friends getting married and then we went to Apple Harvest Festival in PA. 
 This was the second year I want to Apple Harvest and we had an absolute blast. Josh and I met up with his family and one of my RD friends, MaryEllen and we enjoyed a nice weekend strolling around the festival. We ate yummy food, drank apple daiquiris, participated in an apple pie eating contest, and went through all of the craft fairs. I'm so happy that I'll be living in PA at least for the next two years so we can always go to Apple Harvest. Maybe one day we will move somewhere warm and attend Peach Harvest or something like that.
 When Josh and I got back from the festival we enjoyed a quiet night at home. The next day we watched Monday night football and watched the Steelers squeeze out a win! Josh is a huge football fan and it made him beyond happy that his team won while watching it at my apartment. He is quite superstitious.
The following day we woke up and embarked on a pumpkin journey. We are making pumpkin picking our tradition and we went on a search across the PA country fields for the perfect little pumpkin farm. We ended up at Reynolds Farm and we went on a hayride, picked a pumpkin, and then we completed a corn maze.
 I love Fall with this guy! I also love corn mazes! It took us about an hour to complete this one corn maze and going on a Tuesday afternoon meant we were the only ones there. So, we had a 3 acre+ corn maze shaped into "Farmer Show 2015" to complete all by ourselves! When we finally reached the end we couldn't believe it!
And that is how we have spent our Fall Break!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Confessions

I love writing these Friday Confessions! It's such a nice way to end my week and start looking forward to the weekend! This week's confessions revolve around work, Josh, and weddings (don't worry, not mine)! So, let's get to it: 

I confess... I'm really ready to get back to my office! My office is getting new carpet (one without an enormous stain) so I've been temporarily working out of a little closet with a very small desk. I am really craving my big desk where I can lay out all of my paperwork and look at everything that I need to get done. 
I confess... not seeing Josh every day isn't so bad when he sends adorable snapchats! I really can't imagine how couples do long distance without technology. It is mind blowing how easy it is to "see" each other on FaceTime or send pictures on how are days are going.

I confess... Fall Break is next week and I'm so excited! I only have two days off, but it is going to be a glorious two days full of Netflix, naps, reading, and probably paper writing. 

I confess... I cannot believe we are eight weeks into the semester! I was looking at my classes syllabus this week and it is absolutely crazy that we are half way through the semester. Time sure is flying by!

I confess... that Josh and I are going to a wedding this weekend and I cannot wait! We are heading down to Virginia and it's going to be a full Mount reunion. This is the first wedding we are going to as a couple, so I have been planning out my wedding outfits and am ready to dance the night away. 

Happy Friday friends! Hope you all have a safe weekend full of fun!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Homecoming VoxBox

Working on a college campus means you have to be pretty in tune when Homecoming season starts. My email has been full of homecoming decoration contests, rent a tail-gating tent, plan football details, get your school apparel lines up, and participate in all of the fun pre-homecoming events. So, it was only natural when I checked my mailbox last week and saw I received the Homecoming Vox Box from Influenster. I'm really excited to feature what Influenster sent me for this vox box. 
The Products:
  • Olay Active Botanicals Refreshing Gel Cleanser ($5.99) @OlayUS
  • Luden's Watermelon Throat Drops ($2.49) @ LudensUSA
  • Red Vines Original Red Twists ($1.59) @RedVines
  • SinfulColors SinfulShine Nail Polish- GelTech ($2.99) @SinfulColors_NP
  • Kettle Pepperoncini Potato Chips @KettleBrand
I loved the snack food! The pepperoncini Kettle chips were surprisingly really good. I didn't know what to expect and to be completely honest, I kind of turned my nose up to it when I first saw them. But, I paired these chips with an Italian Sub and boy was that the right move.

I also really enjoyed the Red Vines Twists! I feel like these would have been perfect for summer time on the go. I don't know why but they just screamed Fourth of July and it made me instantly crave the sweet Summer sun on my skin.
I think my two favorite products from this vox box were the Sinful Nailpolish and the Olay active botanicals face wash. The face wash leaves my face so refreshing and clean. I've been struggling with breakouts recently and it's nice to change up my facial cleansing routine with a very nice product.

The SinfulColors nail polish gel is a must purchase. I got the orange shimmer color, which I was apprehensive towards because I'm not a big fan of glitter... but, boy was I surprised. It actually feels like a gel manicure without going to the nail salon and spending $30! It's a must buy and I'm gonna start looking for a variety of different colors so I can wear this polish every day!
This is a great vox box and has really gotten me in the mood for homecoming. Hopefully, I can wait a little longer to test the Luden's cough drops, but I did have one and the watermelon flavor was delicious. But, I'm crossing my fingers that I can stay cough free for the next few weekends. I have a wedding to go to this weekend, followed by homecoming, and followed by my building's Fall Festival, and then Halloween... so, basically I have no time for a cough! But, I'm sure the business of life will wear me down and I'll need these little guys soon!

Weekend Recap 10/5/15

Hi Friends! So another weekend has come and gone... which makes me so sad! I'm not going to say I live for the weekend, I enjoy work and my weekly activities. But, man the weekends are just so dang good.

On Friday night, Josh and I went to chipotle and then wedding gift shopping. We have a Mount reunion coming up and a wedding! So, we did a lot of shopping for that. When we finally got to my parents' house it was close to nine o'clock so the night was kind of gone.

But, on Saturday we had a full and fun day planned. We woke up early on Saturday morning and I went to the emissions testing location to get my car checked... she passed just an FYI. Then we went to an Hofbrau Oktoberfest. We had an absolute blast. We met up with Amanda and DJ and my parents' friends. For $25 we got delicious food that reminded me of my favorite place, Austria. I think the pretzel rolls were the best part of the whole day... well that and the Hofbrau Oktoberfest beer and great company.
Josh and I have really been enjoying each other's company and all of the adventures we've gotten to go on. As we get older, it's almost like our love get's stronger and we have so many beautiful plans. I really couldn't imagine my life without him. Every day it's like we are love sick high schoolers! Even ordinary days with him become extraordinary. On Saturday night we watched the movie Age of Adeline which came out last year. I really wanted to see it in the theatre, but time slipped away from us. So, we finally watched it and it was awesome. I would highly recommend it, if you're looking for a date night in.
 On Sunday, Josh and I left my parents' house and then parted ways! Sunday's are always a sad day for us because that means the week is starting and another five days apart will follow. But, we both had a lot of homework to get done and we had such a blest weekend together. Once I made it back to Ship, I met up with one of my study partners and we hung out, drank coffee, and did homework. It's funny how Sundays still are my homework days. And nothing compliments a nice Fall Sunday then an a delicious french vanilla latte.
And that's a wrap! Next week is Fall Break for us, so we are both just biding our time until then. I'm really looking forward to some Fall traditions, a wedding, and hopefully some pumpkin picking and carving.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Confessions

It has been one busy week! I feel like I've been running around constantly... which, has been proven to be true. According to my iPhone, I have walked 19.35 miles since Monday! It kind of makes up for only being able to go to the gym once so far this week. Anyways, lets get to some confessions for the week...

I confess... I have been loving programming. I've been planning so many campus programs like S'More Justice and Cultural Connection: Deaf Culture. I've also been attending so many programs and have been just loving my life in Res. Life!

I confess... that I'm moving out of my office temporarily this week to get new office furniture and carpet. When I told my RAs, I'm packing up my office... I think they genuinely thought I quit or something.

I confess... I need to get more organized. I thought I was an organized person, but I look at this enormous pile of papers on my desk and I have no clue what to do with them. I do have a filing system, but I'm afraid if I file them away I will forget about them!

I confess... I have two to do list note pads... one for my office and one for my home. Unfortunately, this week I have been focusing a little too much on the one at work and not as much on the one at home... so guess who brought their laundry to work today? This girl... definitely a perk of having a laundry room on the same floor as your office!

I confess... apparently the North East is suppose to get hit pretty hard with a hurricane or tropical storm this weekend and I am way behind on following the coverage. I know it's suppose to rain all weekend... I also know that I desperately need to get new windshield wipers... so, basically I'm really prepared for this rainy weekend. We'll see how this goes!

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