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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happiness Habits

Today, I'm taking about Happiness Habits! Everyone says that you choose to be happy and that happiness is an inside job. While, that may be true happiness relies on the people around you. For example, if one of your co-workers or friends is having a crappy day... chances are you'll pick up that negative attitude and wait for it... begin having a crappy day too. Now, the sad part of this post is you cannot control everyone's attitude around you. However, the silver lining to this is that you can control how you ACT.

So, I have come up with five happiness habits that will improve your outlook, make you feel happier, and hopefully will cause others to also be happier. Let's begin:

Don't compare... I am literally the worst at this! I compare apples to oranges all day long and guess what... all it does is makes me either disappointed in myself or frustrated with others! By just focusing on myself and less with the others around me, I will prime myself for success!

Talk less, listen more... this lesson hit me hard last week! For some odd reason, I have this flaw with rambling and saying something I shouldn't. Almost 100% of the time, I don't mean to come off as rude, stand-offish, or snippy but when I turn off my filter, who knows whats coming out of my mouth. On Friday, my bible study read the verse James 1:19 'be quick to listen, be slow to speak, and slow to anger'. Clearly God and the world was sending me a message.

Smile Often... as most of you know, the simple act of smiling can make others smile. However, it can also boost your neurotransmitters and confuse you brain into thinking you are happy. Psychologists have tested and shown that smiling over frowning actually does improve your day and you quality of work. Don't believe me? Check out this article on Smile Therapy!

Give to Others... probably self-explanatory, but by giving to others we can make ourselves happier and make others happier too! However, I'm not just talking about giving money or donating old clothes you never wear. You can give your time to others by turning off that cell phone and being engaged in what they have to say. You can give appreciation to a co-worker who has had a busy week and might need some recognition. The point is even if you aren't having the best day you still have opportunities to make other people's days GREAT and chances are it will probably end up making your day too!

Appreciate the Little Things... How often do we forget to say thank you when someone holds the door for us or when the person in your neighborhood waves as you drive by? My goal is to appreciate the little things and or moments that make life, life. I want to appreciate the good and the bad, because after all those are going to make up moments, which become memories, which you'll one day share with someone who is experiencing the exact same thing.

Anyways, enjoy these happy habits and hopefully they will work for you and your lifestyle! Happy Thursday, friends! If you have more Happy Habits, comment below!

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Remember, "every time you smile at a someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing"- Mother Teresa

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