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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happier You: Love

It's February and time for my newest Happier You Theme: Love! I'm really looking forward to this month. Although I loved Healthy & Wellness (January's Theme), who doesn't enjoy focusing on LOVE. February's goals are as follows {Love} my whole self, write more letters, old fashioned dating, make time for family, and appreciate my co-workers. I'm not sure how February will pan out, especially since work is smack dab in the middle of RD Selection. But, I think I'll still find time to write adorable letters to my cutest main man and call home. 

love my whole self. 

This goal has been inspired by loving my body and treating my body well. To continue on with my healthy goal, I'm going to love myself by eating healthy, focusing on my fitness, and taking more bubble baths. I also hope to nurture my soul! I can't believe Lent is literally just around the corner. So, during this next week I will be thinking about what I want to give up for Him and how I can work on being a better Christian!

write more letters.

I love receiving mail (not bills) so my goal is to send more positive mail to others. Every week in February, I hope to write at least one letter to a random person as well as send my normal valentines by mail. if you would like a positivity level... email me your address and I would love to send you some rays of sunshine :)

old fashioned dating.

Hello romance, it's nice to meet you! This month that is dedicated to love will bring out the true romantic in me. This coming weekend, Josh and I will be celebrating 2 beautiful years together. I'm so excited for all the fun things and the scavenger hunt that I have planned for him. This man of mine is truly the greatest guy and deserves as much love as I can give him.

make time for family.

On Sunday, I called home and talked about dates with my mom. We are all so busy and with my sister being in Alabama the opportunities for the fam of four (with Josh sprinkled in as well) to be together is limited! It made me so sad knowing that I won't get to see everyone until probably the beginning of March. But, no matter what I know that we will all be together soon.

appreciate my co-workers.

As I have mentioned before February is an extremely busy month for all of us. Between conducting RA or DA evaluations, getting evaluated ourselves, and conducting RD on-campus interviews. Selection times are always exciting and I'm really looking forward to all of the awesome candidates that I will continue to meet. Although this is a really busy time, I hope I can still show my gratitude to all of my co-workers and tell them how much I value them and appreciate them!

I'll update you all at the end of the month on 
how I do with all of my goals for LOVE in February! 

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