Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 2/29/16

Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Recap 2/29/16

Happy Leap Day friends!! Two weekends ago, J and I watched the movie Leap Year, which is an adorable love story about how a woman can propose to a man on leap day. Needless to say, J is staying far away from me today (haha only joking). Anyways, although I didn't get to spend this past weekend with J, I did do a heck of a lot of school work and saw some family.

Thursdays don't really count as weekend nights, however this past Thursday was just so exciting I wanted to share with you all what I did.

I started the night out with a presentation to the RAs on ways they can find happiness in their RA Life. I'll be disclosing more about this on Saturday when I blog for The SA Collective (Check Out My Articles Here)!
After I finished my presentation and turned the conference room back into a conference room, I went over to my friend Lindsey's for some hair therapy. Lindsey loves doing hair and she did incredible work with a straightener on Thursday night. I mean really people, I don't think I would be able to do this if I tried!
Can my hair look like this every day!
Friday night... I worked Orientation Carousel, which consisted of me interviewing potential O-Team Leaders and then came home and went to bed. I know, I got real wild. Just wait, Saturday gets even better.

On Saturday, I did probably 6 hours of studying and paper writing (the joys of graduate school) and washed all of my linens for some spring cleaning. I'm taking two classes: Assessment and Research and Stats. Both of these course are really dense with research and learning new facts, so I'm definitely getting my butt handed to me in work. Spring Break can't come soon enough!
 Saturday night, I decided to take a study break and drive to watch my cousin Brandon play volleyball. It was quite the adventure. For starters, I drove on the PA turnpike for the first time (BY MYSELF). I then realized that I didn't want to be charged a boat load of money, so I ended up getting off and literally driving up and down mountains. I kind of have a fear of heights, so driving next to cliffs made me incredibly nervous. But, I made it to my destination and got to see my cousin play volleyball and catch up with my aunt and uncle.
Sunday was basically Saturday morning and afternoon on repeat. Except I got to squeeze in church, a lean cuisine meal, and spent the entire time focusing on statistics. We have our first exam on Tuesday and I'm really nervous. So, keep me in your prayers lovelies! I took a brief study break and finished up Orientation Carousel and then before I knew it, it was 8:00PM and I needed to get to the gym!
Sunday night consisted of me watching The Oscars, catching up on some really important blog work, and yet again studying for stats. Its a shame that it was so beautiful today! I really wish I could have gone for a run or a further than just walking to church.

Overall, it was a gorgeous weekend full of grad work and fun! And it's crazy to think next weekend I'll be heading to Montreal for a conference. Cheers to travel friends!

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