Radiating Sunshine: February 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Year of Gifts

Last year for Chad and my's 2 year anniversary I decided to give him a year of dates!! So, I bought gift cards, wrote cute little love notes, and gave him a basket filled with a bunch of different dates! 

Here are some of the dates Chad and I went on: 

We went to Subway!! Chad, loves Subway so it was fun to give him a date that I'd knew he would appreciate! Estimated cost: $15

We went to a concert with some close friends of ours! Train and Big and Rich and for dinner we had the best crepes we have ever had! It was such a fun night out in Annapolis and I was glad that I could give it to him! Estimated cost: $75

* This was originally a part of the present but it was a nice addition *

We got sushi togo and had an at-home date! We love sushi and  Katanas (a restaurant near us) is an easy hit!! Estimated cost: $25

Some of our favorite rolls: Spicy Tuna with Crunch (-- I could eat this and only this every time). Christmas Roll, Crunch Roll, Yellowtail, Spider Rolls.

* I don't like the fishy taste when I eat sushi so those are some pretty good rolls that are not-fishy!*

We went ice-skating in Glen Burnie! We had never been ice-skating before and I love trying new ideas. It was a fun date! Chad, is a great ice-skater so he skated circles around me as I moved very gradually around the rink. Estimated cost: $25

For those of you who know me personally I am not the most coordinated when it comes to sports! But, hey at least I try!

After ice-skating we went out for Starbucks and warmed ourselves up with some Caramel Macchiatos and good conversation!

Estimated cost: $8

Another date that Chad and I went on was to paint potery at The Mud Hut in Olney! We decided we would paint some pieces for each other. I pained him a cross for his apartment and he painted me the cutest little bowl to hold various nick-nacks! The pieces turned out wonderfully and I would definitely recommend this date idea! Estimated cost: $18

We went out on an ice-cream date last May! It was short and sweet! I can't remember what flavors we got but it was such a nice warm but breezy day! Estimated cost: $2 -- I had a coupon too!

Bellow, we went out to one of his favorite Mexican restaurants Q-Doba!! We got big giant burritos and had a great lunch. Estimated cost: $12

One date that isn't pictured is when we went out for pizza- I forgot to get a picture, but that was a fun and tasty date too! Estimated cost: $20 ($20 dinner for two special)

We also went out for Chick-Fil- A which is more a present for me than him since Chick-Fil- A is one of my all time favorite treats to eat! Estimated cost: $10

Since, Chad and I are usually away at school 9 months out of the year we don't see each other a lot so I still have a couple of gift cards that need to be used: Tutti Frutti (Frozen Yogurt: $8), 7- Eleven (Slurpee date: $5), and a AMC Gift Card (for the movies: $20). Not to mention we prefer to stay in then spend our money on something we could make ourselves!

We also get a lot of gift cards from grandparents and relatives for different restaurants, which is nice because being a college student we try to save our money so its nice being able to go out without having to really pay for it.

So, if you are out of ideas for a gift for your man, I would definitely recommend this one, because its a really nice gift that you guys can share together! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

February's Bulletins

This month's theme is Childhood Reminders! I thought about doing a Valentine's Day theme and do heart door dec but,that was just too typical... so I decided to bring on some nostalgia instead. 

So, the bulletin board has a bunch of images that reminded me of my childhood and has reminded my girls of theirs. I got great feedback while I was putting it up, which was really nice. 

Some of the images include: Easy Bake Oven (Easily one of my favorite childhood memory), Zenon, My Big Comfy Couch, Count Dracula, Slinkies, Razors (scooter), Big Slides, barbie dolls, Green Eggs and Ham, Amelia Bedelia, ELMO (projector), Dunkaroos, Nintendo, Ninja Turtles, Ball Pits, Tang, and so much more! 

It literally took me 3 hours to complete this board, because it took forever to cut out all of those images! Thankfully, another RA/friend helped me put the actual board up which made it fun and made it go by so much faster! 

The door decs this month are kind of lame, but I was so burnt out by the actual bulletin board that I decided to go very simple for the door decs! They are their names in the Nickelodeon font.

And next month's bulletins will be done by my RA mentee, Maria! So look forward to that! She is going for a St. Patrick's Day theme so I'm really excited to see what she puts together.

- Alex

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I love Valentine's Day. So, maybe I'm a sappy-hopeless romantic and maybe Valentine's Day was a made up by Hallmark to increase business and maybe it means nothing. But, I don't think there is anything wrong with telling the people that you love, how much they mean to you!! 

So Valentine's Day this year has kind of turned into Valentine's Week and has made all my wildest Resident Assistant dreams come true. Here is a brief recap of some of the festivities: 

Saturday, I made a ton of heart-shaped sugar cookies with of course, red sprinkles on top! I gave them to the people who are really important in my life. Above, is a picture of me and my Grandma. I also gave cookies too my boyfriend's family and a bunch of my friends at school!

On Tuesday, I had a Hall Program-- Valentine's Day Card Making! 
So, my residents got the opportunity to make valentine's day cards for their significant others, friends, and or family!! It was a great turn out and we also dined on some of the heart sugar cookies!

Above, are the two cards I made for my boyfriend and his family!! Yes, I call Chad, Chadders. Hopefully they will get to his house today but if not thats okay too! 

I also sent some awesome valentine's day cards to my old roommate, my family, and my grandma!!

As a special surprise for my residents I made them all little Valentines and slipped them under their doors at midnight! I also decorated the bathroom with tons of hearts!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day and feel the love from wherever! 

- Alex

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Smile Post #5

Yesterday, I decided to make a little sign to give me inspiration every time I walked out of my room. Its only been a day and my mood improves every time I walk out of my room and read the sign! 

I would definitely recommend doing something like this!! Over Spring Break I hope to update the sign a little bit and make it more creative. If you have an suggestions I'd love to hear them! 

Have an amazing Tuesday!

- Alex

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Smile Post #4

Valentines Day is just around the corner and today I thought I would brighten everyone's day with a little quote from one of my favorite movies. 

If you have not seen Miss Congeniality, then go watch it because it seriously is an excellent movie suitable for girls and guys! 

Also, another reason to smile is that the RAVENS ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPS! Okay, maybe I'm just a little biased but seriously my week has been made by them winning!!!

Hope you have a fabulous day!
- Alex
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