Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 2/8/16

Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Recap 2/8/16

It may not be Valentine's Day weekend yet, but this weekend was full of lots of love and dates! J and I celebrated 2 beautiful years together on Sunday and we had a very busy weekend doing a bunch of amazing things! Here is how I surprised him with a date scavenger hunt and how he surprised me with a new homemade piece of furniture for my future apartment. 

On Friday, we took several students to the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter's Annual Spaghetti Dinner. J and I worked the take out station, which consisted of us running back and forth from the kitchen with meatball or without meatball spaghetti dinners. At some points throughout the evening, I really considered how useful I was in this process. However, instead of obsessing over ways to improve the system I decided to just go with the flow. After J and I served we also got to dine on a delicious spaghetti meal and then took the students home. 

Saturday morning started out with a bang! J and I got up early and packed various outfits for our day out. As I was meandering around the apartment, J decided he needed to run out to the car. And suddenly he reappeared back in the apartment with one of my RD friends and a gorgeous handmade bookshelf, which will serve as a pantry in my new apartment. I knew I wanted a storage unit to hold my KitchenAid Mixer and Josh really out did himself! I gave him some rough estimates on what I was looking for in a bookshelf back in early January and he really made this project his own. 
He definitely surprised me with the bookcase and then it was my turn to do some surprising. The week before our anniversary I sent him a letter with "Clue One" which revealed the location of our day out. "Clue Two" which Josh found in the freezer revealed the first event of our date-- Dunkin Donuts. Earlier that week I went to Dunkin Donuts and pre-ordered 6 donuts that were specialized with our initials and our 2nd anniversary.

"Clue Three" revealed our next location: Hand and Stone for hour long massages! J had never gotten a massage before and he has been working so hard with school and job searching, so I decided to spoil him with a nice massage. "Clue Four" revealed lunch and bowling at The Coliseum. I wanted to pick a place where J and I could watch sports and practice our bowling skills. On our second game, we beat our record as a team with a 230 score! Not sure if that is how you report scores in bowling or not, but I figured I would give it a try.
After our bowling adventures concluded, we drove around for awhile and then went to church. We loved the message from mass this week, "to cast our nets into the deep." We are both working on growing in our faith and that message was perfect to bring us into this Lenten season. We are still trying to figure out what we want to give up as a couple so we can be a team in our Lenten resolutions. Last year, we did a nightly devotional as a part of our Lenten journey. It ended up being our favorite thing and the part of the day I looked forward to the most often.
Once mass was over, we drove to downtown Carlisle and got sushi before a night of Swing Dancing. Josh and I love taking dance classes. Last year, we tried salsa and we didn't really find a knack for it. I think it was mostly my inability to move my legs and hips at the same time. Oh well! Swing Dancing, went much better for us. We learned the East Coast Swing and mastered the rock step, triple step, triple step. I've learned that as a follower, I really need to stay on beat.
I love this dance partner of mine! He knows me better than I know myself and there is no one else I would rather dance with, travel with, sing in the car with, eat delicious food with... the list could go on! Saturday was definitely a perfect day. And Sunday might have been an "ordinary" day full of household chores and football, but is still cherished all the same! 

Sunday was filled with homemade breakfast, learning the in's and out's of my new bookcase, doing ALL of the laundry, and accomplishing all of my household chores. J even helped me clean out the fridge (such a difficult task for him) and blew on my nails as they dried. I literally couldn't have asked for a better man to love and spend my weekend with! 

Anyways, I'm not sure how this weekend of love will even compare to next weekend. But, for now I'm going to enjoy this busy week and prep for our next Swing Dancing lesson next weekend!

Happy Monday <3

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