Radiating Sunshine: October 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween Lovelies

Happy Halloween Lovelies! I hope today is wonderful and you get plenty of yummy treats (and not many tricks). I'm a terrible halloween celebrator. I really struggle with being creative with costumes and what ends up happening is I go as a "grad student" and I call it a day. Maybe one day I'll be more invested in Halloween, but for now I'm just gonna enjoy quiet Hallo-weekends with Josh! 

This past hallo-weekend we spent checking off all of our fall bucket list items (especially since Christmas is practice here -- JK). We went to a corn maze/pumpkin patch in PA. The corn maze was amazing and took us about an hour a a half to complete. While walking through the corn maze we had to find different words and pictures that completed the story. 
After the corn maze, J and I enjoyed pumpkin bowling and found our real competitive natures with pumpkin checkers. I kid you not people were commenting as they walked by about how deep in thought we were over this game of checkers! I think we have officially determined that J is competitive with sports and I am competitive with board games. 
After we finished at the corn maze, we drove home and went to the Homecoming football game. Ship lost in double overtime, which was really sad. However, it was a great afternoon! Once we got home from the game, we ate some kettle corn and I took a little nap. Not sure why football puts me into a sleep trance, but it does!

After my nap and an episode of the Flash, J and I drove down to MD for a date night out! We went to Primate Bros (which originated in Pittsburgh, PA). I got the pittsburger and it was delicious (and half the size of my face). On our way home from dinner, we sang to a bunch of music and drove with the windows down. It was an unseasonably warm weekend here and it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Late on Saturday night, J and I picked up a pumpkin from Walmart-- no cute pumpkin picking pictures here! We usually carve one a year (I traditionally don't do any of the carving). On Sunday, after church, brunch, and a near grease fire (tried making apple fritters-- didn't work out), we made an apple cake (post apple fritters) and I got to enjoy watching Josh carve a wonderful pumpkin.
I'm glad he decided to go for a more traditional approach and I can't wait to light this guy up tomorrow to celebrate Halloween.

Anyways, happy halloween friends!!

love you all!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

TBT: Calligraphy & Weddings

Last month, one of my lifelong friends got married at Camden Yards (where the Orioles play) and my number one bridesmaid duty was the signs! When we got down to Baltimore the day before the wedding, we all got assignments on what we could do to prep. My assignment was to write on all of the signs. 

I absolutely love fonts and I'm very privileged to have the ability to create different fonts for different occasions. I loved contributing one of my skills to the wedding! I still have so much to learn in the grand scheme of calligraphy and signage, but today I wanted to feature some of the highlights of the wedding and the wedding signage!
 I made a number of signs for their wedding which include: the ceremony introduction, their hashtag, the caricatures, bathroom signs, bar signs, signature drink signs, favor signs, etc.
Seeing as Amanda and DJ got married at a baseball park, caricatures were a definite must! They had a caricature artist come to the reception and it was such an adorable station. Naturally, J and I completely forgot to get one done (too busy dancing), but everyone who did had a beautiful souvenir from the wedding. 
 This might have been my favorite sign from the wedding: the signature drink sign! With an Orioles/ Baltimore themed wedding orange crushes were a definite and easy choice for their signature drink. I kid you not crab cakes and orange crushes make this bridesmaid (and all of the other guests) happy.
Their wedding favors were by far the cutest things I have ever seen! During a wedding prep weekend, all the bridesmaids put stickers on top of cracker jack boxes (that looked like the cracker jack labels, however they had Amanda and DJ's information on them). We then stuffed the boxes into blue orioles beer koozies. The favor was so perfect, I still haven't been able to eat mine!
It was the perfect Baltimore and Orioles wedding. Actually, it was the perfect weekend in general. Looking back on this semester so far, I would definitely re-live this one!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Over the Summer, I sort of became obsessed with infused water! I was home visiting my mom (who is a genius when it comes to using mason jars) and she had a jar of lemon and strawberry infused water just waiting for someone to enjoy in the fridge. I'll never forget cracking the seal and smelling the water. It smelled so so good and I feel like that was the moment I fell in love with infused water. 

For the remainder of the summer, my fridge became home to a ton of different "experiments." I tried a ton of different flavors: lemon/mint, cucumber/lemon, strawberry/melon! I think my favorite infused water definitely is the strawberry lemon (with a mint leaf or two). 

There are a ton of benefits to drinking infused water: 

(1) It brightens your life! Goodbye every day water, and hello to a party water!
(2) Some folks say it helps you lose weight... I think it helps curb your appetite because it feels like your "eating" and or "putting something nutritious in your body. Check out this blog post that says Infused Water is the Ultimate Weight Loss Secret!
(3) There are web pages completed dedicated to the art of infused water, like this one! So, if you're looking for an online community of infused water drinkers there is one!

So, basically getting on the infused water band wagon is the thing to do! I love using my mason jars to make the infused water and keep them fresh. They typically last 4-5 days so you can stalk up and treat yourself every day!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Intro: 20 Things That I Love

 I realize that there are a quite a number of new peeps hanging around Radiating Sunshine recently (according to my stats anyway). So, I thought I would introduce myself to anyone who is new around here with a twenty things I love post! Please, note that they are not listed in any order of importance. Chocolate milk is listed as number one, however I wouldn't say it is number one in my heart at all times (mostly after the gym and or late night duty calls), but it its still on the top list of things that I love.
1. chocolate milk
2. Elin Hilderbrand books
3. Jesus
4. soft blankets
5. candles. lots of candles. 
6. babies and family
7. my llbean slippers
8. sleeping in on the weekends
9. mint soda water
10. crafts (i.e. painting)
11. the staffs I supervise
12. spending time with my favorite J
13. cheese and wine (red please)
14. binge watching netflix
15. baking donuts
16. when the sun lights up my entire apartment
17. holiday traditions
18. a good card game
19. a good cup of coffee/tea
20. anything navy blue
I'm big into journaling things that I'm grateful for and can't wait to share with you all my happiness journal in a few weeks, so I challenge you all to write posts about the things you love!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

TBT: Tents, Trails, and J

To start the throwback posts, J and I went camping a few weeks back! If you hang around at @alexmhons on Insta then you would have seen pictures from our crazy adventure! We decided to go hike a chunk of the Appalachian Trail and go through coupes boot-camp (aka turn off all social media and just spend time in the wild with your boo). 
 Well good news is we both passed the couples boot camp weekend with excellent marks. The only point of contention on the trip was arriving to our site in complete darkness. We then pitched a tent that neither of us has a lot of experience pitching and were surrounded by a local college's fraternity rush weekend.

The fraternity was only there for Friday night and literally left at 6AM on Saturday morning. Waking up to pots being banged as they roused the frat boys definitely was not a highlight of the trip, but made us laugh for sure!
While on our couple's boot camp, we challenged ourselves to cook without propane. We lit and maintained the fire and made all of our meals over that. It was nice getting back to some primal cooking skills and to test our cooking abilities in the wild.
 After a slow start to Saturday morning, we finally got a move on and started adventuring. We hiked a trail called Charcoal's Hearth and stumbled upon so many beautiful sites. We also posed with the above creek and the self-timer app on my phone for about 20 minutes until we got a picture I was satisfied with!
The highlight of the weekend trip was teaching Josh out to play cribbage and eating mountain pies (in Alex language: moon pies). We played so many board games and just enjoyed being together that I think every couple should go on a camping trip by themselves at least once in their dating years.

We also enjoyed this little quiz that I think you will enjoy with your significant others! J came up with the game and I was super excited to play!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hello Sunshine

Hey beauties...

It's been about two months since we last talked and I've thought about you all the time. When you prioritize your life, things always get put on the back burner and unfortunately that's what happened to this baby blog of mine.

To start, this is my second year of graduate school and it has not been as time forgiving as the first. My program requires me to do over 300 internship credit hours a semester during your field year. And adding an additional 20 hours a week to a 40+ work week and trying to find time to do homework, go to the gym, sleep, and have a personal life... you get the point!

I won't spend time painting you the picture of my chaotic and lovely life, but over the last two months I feel like I've kind of balanced it all out and can go back to this whole blogging thing. Over the next few weeks, I'll be throwing it back to everything I've missed sharing and hopefully I'll be able to catch y'all up on the current happenings behind radiating sunshine.

I'm grateful for you all and I hope your Saturday is as gorgeous as mine :)

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