Radiating Sunshine: May 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm Moved All In

This will be a really brief post (and won't have any apartment pictures--sorry), but I just wanted to let you all know that I am completely moved in! It feels weird being all moved in and typing this from my apartment (which, is totally awesome)!
 Moving in went really well! I'm super thankful to my mom and Josh! They helped me out so much and I couldn't have done it without them! My mom literally scrubbed every dish and helped me organize my kitchen-- she has the kitchen at home laid out so well and there is no one else I would rather have help organize mine than her! Josh is quite the handy man-- he got my tv working and my Brita Filter... not to mention he did the majority of the heavy lifting!!
 A few weeks back, I had planned a surprise 21st Birthday Party for Josh since I would be away for his actual birthday! So, with the help of his mom and all of his aunts/family/friends we pulled off one heck of a surprise party on Saturday. Earlier that day he was helping me move in and I told him I wanted to spend Saturday night at his place with his family... he had no idea I meant his entire family.
This guy literally means the world to me and I'm so glad I pulled off the surprise... there were so many moments where I almost ruined it, but I watched what I said and his sister helped me create a whole night of plans to sidetrack him.
 Moving out has been quite bittersweet for me... now I officially live on my own and I had to say goodbye to my family, the puppies, friends, and Josh! Thankfully I'm only a short drive away and we will still be able to see each other pretty regularly. Maybe not as regularly as I would like, but that's life!
 On our last night together, we got milkshakes/ice cream and walked on our favorite walking path. We admired all of the cute ducks and the beautiful sunsets. I can truly say that post-graduate and adult life has begun for me and I'm so thankful I have such an amazing man to experience the journey with!

I promise I'll upload apartment pictures when I get back from my staff retreat... until next time!

Friday, May 22, 2015

It's Moving Day

The day is finally here, ladies and gents! It's moving day! Today, my mom and I are driving 2 hours to pick up my keys and check out my new apartment. We're going to move in some stuff, take inventory of what I need to survive, and start making my new apartment home! We're going to do the big chunk of moving stuff tomorrow (when Josh is off work), but today I will get to see my apartment for the first time. 
It feels weird... growing up, moving out, and getting a job. It has been something I have been looking forward to for years now, but now that it is here it feels weird. I'm so excited for my new position at Shippensburg and the opportunity to get a great education and to grow as an individual. I'm excited to have my own kitchen and to cook/bake delicious things for my friends, family, and staff members. One aspect that I think I'm really looking forward to with the move is the new landscape. Although, I love MD and the woods/farms I grew up in... I'm even more excited to move to PA and be close to Apple Country and watch apple harvest. Shippensburg is surrounded by rolling farmland, which I'm really eager to enjoy!

So, here is to the next crazy adventure I'll be on! I promise that hopefully when I have a more stable routine, I'll be able to blog more regularly.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Baby Adventure

Last week, Josh and I went on a post-graduate celebratory adventure! Back in March we were talking about what we wanted to do with the two weeks I had before moving to Shippensburg, PA. We talked about maybe going to Williamsburg, VA or another city with a combination of fun, learning, and good food (oh and maybe some baseball)! Josh mentioned maybe going to Philadelphia and that night he saw that the Pirates would be in Philly the week we wanted to go away! So, we took it as a sign and started searching for a hotel and planning our itinerary. 
 We only made lists of things we wanted to do... like eat cheesesteaks, go to a Phillies game, see the LOVE statue, The Liberty Bell, and maybe do a tour of some kind. We wanted to leave the few days we were going to be there relatively unscheduled... but, still productive! We probably won't come back to Philly for awhile, so it was important we make the most of our time there while we had it!
 Our first stop (after successfully getting into the city) was the LOVE Statue! We picked up some brochures, got cheesesteaks, paid $26 for 3 hours of parking and had a ball! We got to the LOVE statue at the perfect time and the lines weren't long at all! We then drove around the city and learned where everything was.

After we got acquainted we checked in to the hotel... or the inn! We stayed at the Alexander Inn on 12th Street and it was lovely! We then found some cheap street parking and walked a few blocks to the Liberty Bell.
Of course we had to take an obligatory selfie with the Liberty Bell! The last time I was in Philadelphia for some site seeing, I was with my grandpa. I even bought this little mini- Liberty Bell and have it on my shelf! It has been almost eight years since I bought that little bell. Unfortunately, while we were in Philly we never made it into Independence Hall... the walk up tickets were always gone when we got there :( but, we made the best of it! 
After our first day was coming to a close, we drove to Citizens Bank Park to watch the Phillies take on the Pirates. This was the first time Josh and I were at the Phillies' stadium, so we got in really early to do some exploring. We had dinner inside the stadium (hot dogs-- our personal faves) and crab fries (a Phillies stadium delicacy). We even bought some ice cream! This was probably the most we have ever bought in a stadium (thank goodness for the power tickets that Josh bought)... however, I wouldn't have changed anything! The Pirates won and Cutch got a homerun. Josh taught me how to keep the book (F-9, L-8) and it was the perfect night. Josh thinks I'm a little good luck charm now that his Pirates did so well!
On Wednesday, Josh and I went to the zoo! This was probably one of the best zoos I have ever been too. For starters, the Philadelphia Zoo was the first zoo, which is pretty cool. The animals were also really lively... usually when I go to a zoo the animals are asleep. But, not this time. We saw so many cute animals like otters and monkeys! I really liked that a lot of the animals that live there were rescued or are endangered. It was a great zoo experience all around!
That sign doesn't lie! So HOT!
I mean seriously! I got to go to the zoo with this cutie... I loved exploring Philadelphia with this guy. We had so much fun we even forgot to eat lunch! Before I knew it we were boarding a site seeing bus for a tour around the city (which, was totally awesome) and I realized we hadn't eaten anything all day! The walk back from Independence Hall was chilly and exhausting-- probably because of the wind and the lack of food. And even though we were tired, we got all dressed up and went out on the town. 
 We had a beautiful date night out! We went to this little cafe, which serves Chimay- a trappist beer. I tried that beer at a beer tasting and when I saw the sign I knew we had to go! After I had my Chimay and Josh had some soup... we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. The rest of the night we spent snuggling up watching tv and relaxing our food babies!

The adventure flew by and it makes me so sad knowing it was over! The trip went way to quickly and I learned so many great things about this handsome guy and about the city of Philadelphia.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Good Old Days

"you are surrounding all my surroundings, 
sounding down the mountain range of my left-side brain,
you are surrounding all my surroundings,
twisting the kaleidoscope behind both of my eyes"
        ~ Holding On To You- twenty one pilots

So, before I begin writing this post I wanted to give you all a brief warning that this post is about a specific group of people. A group of people that made my college experience so memorable. A group of people who I could literally drive around on the back roads of Mount St. Mary's forever and never want the night to end. 

(James, Ben, Zach, and Matt)
On our last night together, my good friend James toasted to us all saying "I wish we knew that we were in the good old days when they were actually happening." And those words could not be truer. After graduating college, I felt so many feelings and one of those was a combination of sadness and regret... regret for not soaking up every minute I spent with these people. Regret for not learning all of the words to 'Migraine' (but, I know James likes my version better). Regret for preferring Bud Light in a bottle, over a can (but, not really -- sorry Bob). But, even with all of those feelings I know that I made the greatest friends and I am so incredibly lucky for every moment I got to spend with all of them. They all taught me so many things and I don't think my college experience would have been the same if they were not apart of it.  
I mean really if they weren't apart of this experience-- I doubt I would have cried my eyes out the day after graduation and moped around the house about how I'm not returning to the Mount. They all brought so much to the friend group and even if one of them wasn't there things would have been so different! How could we have gone without Bobby's knack for attracting creepy old men at Otts who wanted to talk to him about God knows what? How could we have gone without Matt's "party light," which set the mood for every occasion? Would college have been the same if Joel was not there? What if Ben had never discovered that cute little quarry in Frederick with the turtles?
Ben, Alex V., Bobby
 Any way that I reflect on college... I always come back to the same conclusion: these guys made the experience. All of our late nights in Steele's room or playing Mario Smash (not sure if that is the right terminology) in Annex. And how could we forget all of the College Nights at Otts?! We were always the group on the dance floor and if the DJ gave in to our request to play Usher's "Yeah," then the night was deemed a success!
Ben, Bob, and Joel 
Every time we all got together we ended up playing the best games (DRAGON) or having the best conversations. I think one of my favorite memories was when we were all in Kevin's room and talked about what we would miss the most and what we would change about our college experiences... it's funny because in that moment we all said we would miss each other the most and now that we all have graduated that has truly resonated. We even have a giant group text that someone texts at least once a day. It's nice checking in with everyone. I think my post-graduate resolution is to check in or call everyone at least once month. I also need to collect everyone's addresses!
Matt, I wish I met you sooner!
Joel, Ryan, Ben, Kevin, and Me
When I think back to some of my favorite moments... Is it weird to say that some/ if not most of them were spent in a car with these guys? There were so many moments where we were just driving around and I wished those moments would last forever. There are three car trips that are particularly memorable:

First, {Junior Year}: James, Ben, Estela, Afton and I were driving to Lincoln Diner during Winter RA training and we were listening to the song "Screen" by 21 Pilots and Ben would be singing "i'm standing in front of you" in this voice and we were all laughing and singing along.

Second, one afternoon, we were in Joel's truck and were driving around the mountains. I think it was Ben, Bobby,  James and I with him. Anyways, there this huge rainstorm approaching and I had to run into the building to use the restroom and Ben needed to get something from his car and we were completely drenched. But, before the storm hit we were in this peaceful beautiful place. The windows were down and everyone was smiling ear to ear. I would give anything to go back to that day.

Third, on our way back from Ben's graduation party: Caroline (greatest DJ ever), James, Jess, Matt and I were in the car with the windows down. I think this might have been the last true night drive I spent with these guys. We had "Car Radio" by 21 Pilots playing and everything got real. This is our life. These are my people. And very soon we will be graduating and parting ways.
Matt, Me, Ben, & Kevin
Another huge aspect of all of our friendships was Residence Life! Although Bobby and Joel were not RAs/DAs they lived with James and were basically a part of the Res Life family. If someone would have told me that by becoming an RA, I would have made the greatest friends I ever would have had I probably would tell everyone to become an RA or friends with RAs. We are honest and caring. Although we do have the "RA Tattoo" and we are not found at the raging parties, we always had the greatest time. Looking back I remember this party we had... which may seem bizarre for college students to do, anyways we had a halloween party WITHOUT alcohol and we had a BLAST. Looking back on it now, I kind of giggle to myself how silly we were. But, I would much rather have become friends with people over sober conversations rather than drunken forgotten stupors.

I really got close with the Res Life group my Junior Year (2nd Year as an RA). I was on staff with Ben and Afton my sophomore year, but I think I really started to get close with the whole group during Summer training of my junior year. I don't even remember how it happened, it was kind of "semi-automatic." I learned so much about these guys over the past two years. Like Ben would do anything for you and loves cars (cough Mercedes) & starbucks. Matt, is a phenomenal cook and loves guacamole. Bobby, is pretty much great at everything hands on. He is an expert watchmaker and would do anything for the burrito bar. Afton, works hard at everything she does! One day she will be this great homemaker and maybe even our kids will play together. Kevin, will most likely be President or a Senator one day and whenever we were all hanging out you can bet he would call Liz at least once (perfect fiance award)! Joel, has the best laugh and is a great dancer... he pairs really well with Hannah, who was new to the RA staff this year. Hannah, is a wonderful dancer and makes me laugh so much! Cristephanie, who always tripped me up with the name change and could always be found on the dance floor at Otts was great to go out with! Jess, was a great contribution to this group. We had Sports Psych together and she taught me so much and was always a pleasure to hang around. Zach, is/was probably the most athletic guy in our friend group (Division I athlete and all). I can't tell you how many conversations and or topics that Zach and I saw eye to eye on! And last, but certainly not least-- James, he would give you the clothes off his back... and he will probably be this famous author one day (equivalent to Stephen King) and will change the way people view life. He has taught me so much about life and myself and I don't know what I would do without him (literally I couldn't have gotten done all of those appreciation committee stuff without him)! He values loyalty and handwork and is one of the greatest people I have ever met. 
Ben, Me, James, Bobby, Jess, Joel, Kevin, & Zach
As I said previously, on the last night we all got together we toasted to each other. We each gave a toast on what we have learned or what impacted us. I toasted to having the greatest friends-- who are as caring as they are giving/smart. They value loyalty and who remain true to themselves. People expressed how they don't want to leave... and how they didn't want to say goodbye to everything we had here. Matt said that he wish he had met us sooner... and to that all I have to say is that I couldn't agree more! And finally James said that he "wish we knew that we were in the good old days when they were actually happening.." And with that tears rolled down all of our faces, and I knew that even though this was goodbye... it would not be permanent. Because with friendships like these you don't just say goodbye after you shared so many 5:00PM dinners together or late night chats. So, even if I don't see them every day for a delicious Patriot meal, or I don't go to Starbucks with Ben regularly, or drive in James' Jetta... even if someone stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence... I know this: I made some of the greatest friends and as we all grow up and move different places, none of us will be able to forget the "good old days" we shared and hopefully the even better reunions to come.

Monday, May 18, 2015

While I've Been Gone

While I've been gone... I went to senior formal (with arguably the greatest date ever), graduated from the Mount, moped around the house (post-graduation blues), went to Philadelphia (with that greatest date ever), got my final grades (4.0 what's up), and did a lot of unpacking, organizing, and repacking. It has been a really busy week and a half. I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that last week at this time I was just getting to formal and was on the dance floor! Like seriously, I have squeezed in so many great moments and life changing events in this last week that I can barely even keep up (let alone blog about it all)! Anyways, here is my best shot at updating you all:

 Formal... was a blast! After we closed down the Residence Halls, I went off to my room to get ready for Senior Formal. I was so nervous that my hair wasn't going to turn out right (it was such a humid day), but luckily with some leave-in conditioner and a lot of bobby pins, I was all set. I had an absolutely blast at formal. A bunch of my friends and I went to Sakura (a Japanese Steak House) before the dance and then we all met up in one of their hotel rooms before the dance. Josh and I decided that we weren't going to stay at the hotel, so after formal we left and went to my parent's house.

Graduation... wow! I'm a college grad. Those words still don't even feel real. But, I am very grateful for everyone who has helped me get to the place I'm at. When I went to walk across the stage, all I could focus on was (1) not tripping, (2) breathing, (3) smiling, (4) and shaking everyone's hands. My only regret was not looking and waving to my professors when they stood up for me. After the ceremony, my dad asked me why I didn't look over and I was like "I was just trying to get back to my seat successfully and that was all I was focusing on." You work so hard to graduate and then you're actually graduating and suddenly the hardest thing you have to do is to walk across the stage and say goodbye to everyone who has helped you, loved you, and made you who you are.
Grieving... the week leading up to graduation everyone was really sad about graduating and saying their goodbyes. I kept hearing "this is our last" (fill in the blank). I remained very strong throughout the whole week. Probably because I had finals and so much to prepare for before moving out. So, when I packed up my room on Monday (a week ago) and drove home... all of the emotions hit me at once. I just moped around the house the entire day. And of course, when Josh got there the real tears started coming and sure enough I woke up the next morning with a headache and swollen eyes. 
But, what boosted my spirits was Josh and my trip to Philadelphia! We only went to Philly for a few days, but it was so incredibly nice. I love going on adventures with this guy and I'm proud to say we almost mastered the streets of Philadelphia. We really knew our way around the city on the last day. While in Philly, we saw a Phillies vs. Pirates Game, the Liberty Bell, a lot of nice parks, the famous LOVE statue, etc! We went to the zoo and had some delicious food (hahaha of course cheesesteaks)!
When we came back sadness set in! I was just so sad that graduation was over and our trip had passed! But, on Sunday (yesterday) we had my graduation party and a few college friends drove down to see me and so many of my family members came out! I was seriously in heaven with all of my friends, family, and Josh! Even Josh's brother, Jonathan came down, which was a really special treat. He is such a nice guy and I love when we all get to hang out.

As the night and the post- graduation week came to a close, we all sat around and sang "Remember When" by Alan Jackson. It was kind of a somber and bittersweet moment, but if I have learned anything over the last week it is that I hope I "remember when" we did so many fun things or I laughed until I cried.

At my party, a lot of my cousins asked me if I had any advice or if anything really stuck out from college and the transition process. In the moment, I struggled with coming up with something really good to say. But, now all I can say is enjoy every moment you have. Whether it is staying up late to study or write a paper or going out "back roading" with friends. They may be brief moments of your life, but when you put them all together they are some of the best memories you will ever have. When you're old and gray, you're going to look around and meet up with old friends and you can definitely bet you'll say, "remember when."

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Let's Start Moving

I can't believe it's that time of year already... MOVE OUT TIME! It feels even more strange knowing that this is the last time I will be moving out while at college. Although, it feels bittersweet I've got to be realistic with myself and start planning. I'm the type of student who needs two cars to move into school and three to move out. I really don't know why, but I just start collecting things throughout the year. When I look around and start to move out, I have realized that I have accumulated so much stuff over the year... yikes. But, since I have been doing this for awhile I am almost a "professional" and have learned the do's and don'ts of moving out of a Residence Hall. 

Here is some advice for all of those who are moving out of their Residence Hall within the next few weeks:

(1) Move stuff out in trips... I begin moving out weeks ahead of time. Just taking little things home and then moving bigger things home. It really helps in the long run!

(2) Donate items... This is my favorite thing to do at the end of every semester. If I brought clothes to school with me and didn't wear them at all, I donate them! It is a pretty good policy and one that not only helps me simplify my life, but can also help others. 

(3) Pack with organization. I always pack some bins that are specifically and only residence hall stuff (i.e. decorations or my desk lamp) and then the other stuff is things I need while I'm living at home. This helps save you time later and keep you organized. 

(4) Trash/Recycle things. Test out old pens and make sure they still have ink in them. And recycle any papers you don't need. I like to save some school papers for records, but other than that I'm a huge recycler. So, get on the trash and recycle bandwagon. 

These are just a few helpful tips that will change the way you view packing. I find it to be very helpful and you won't be stressed out the last week of classes/finals or when you officially move out. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Carefree® Voxbox Review

A few weeks back Influenster sent Carefree Body Shape liners! And not that I don't like blogging about feminine products... I kind of hesitated just because I didn't know if this was a post I necessarily wanted to publish. However, these Carefree liners have definitely come in handy so I felt like I should share this product with you all. 

I can be #FreshisFierce every time I'm at one of Josh's baseball games!
Now as most of you know, I'm a baseball player's girlfriend. I don't often identify as that completely, but when every Sunday you have plans to go sit outside and watch your man play you slowly have to come to terms with the identity. I love watching Josh play. It is usually very pleasant outside and the sunshine feels marvelous. However, one downside is the bathroom situation. With every location, especially the ones we travel for I never really know what type of bathroom (usually the dreaded porta-potty) there will be! However, with these Carefree liners I didn't have to worry about the bathroom situation. You see the Carefree liners are really easy to use and are little so they fit perfectly in my baseball bag. 
There is now no reason for me to not support my main man and I can be completely comfortable at every game over the next few months!
 I received this product complimentary from Influenster and all opinions are my own. 
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