Radiating Sunshine: Productivity on a Snow Day

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Productivity on a Snow Day

As soon as I get that email that the University is closed, I get so tempted to just hit the snooze button and sleep for an additional few hours! However, this is my second snow day as an adult and instead of falling into my old college student ways, I decided to make this extra free day as productive as possible.

Now, in true blogger fashion I couldn't just be productive without sharing my tips, tricks, and experiences with you all. So, below are my five ways to be productive on your snow day:

Viewpoint: It's all about the way you view your snowy. You can't pass up an extra eight plus hours of time that you normally would be been spent working.

Strategies: Make a game plan for how you want to spend your snow day. I made two list {personal & professional} of goals to accomplish during my free time. Not every profession gives you snow days, so take advantage of all of this extra time.

Action: Don't waste hours just sitting on the couch... sit on the couch and be productive while you are doing it! For example, from the couch on my snow day I wrote a blog post, submitted a Shoppertunity application, scored some rebates for Ibotta, sat in on a conference call, watched two episodes of Gossip Girl, and started working on my happiness presentation for the RAs.

Relax: Although getting your to do lists done are amazing, take time to relax. Whether its taking a little afternoon nap or painting your nails. Use this extra day to get caught up on rest!

Gratitude: Be grateful for this day off! Not a lot of people get the opportunity to have an extra day off during the week, so don't take advantage of it! A free day can make a difference in a week that you thought was overwhelming or could even give you some creative freedom.

Its not every day that you get a snow day, but using it by getting ahead and making your life easier is essential! Stay warm out there lovelies :)

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