Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 2/15/16

Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Recap 2/15/16

Another weekend has come and gone! Happy all chocolate is 50% off day! I'm hoping to find time to run out to the store today to get some deals on chocolate and candy for my building. Anyways, here is how I spent a fabulous Valentine's Weekend!

On Friday night, I caught up on some of my SPSS homework for my stats class! I thought I was done with SPSS when I graduated from college. Nope! Grad School definitely surprised me with SPSS assignments. Oh well, I'm just taking it one exercise at a time and thankfully it's pretty much all review. 

When I got back to my apartment, I practiced my calligraphy. I'm not very good at using the fancy tools that came in my calligraphy kit, however I am doing pretty well with using regular pens! If you have any calligraphy tutorials, please let me know! 
Saturday was a lovely day! I woke up and did a Beach Body tape. After my issue last week by only finishing half of one of the tapes and not being able to walk for two days, I decided to try it out again. I'm proud to say I finished the entire tape this time around! I then started doing various homework assignments and did some research on student development theory.

In the early afternoon, J came up and surprised me with the prettiest rose! I love flowers and he has never disappointed me on Valentine's Day. I know flowers are kind of cheesy, but I really think there is just something so very thoughtful when you receive flowers from someone you love. However, I know Josh truly appreciates food so I made chocolate covered strawberries for him!
After we did some homework and used up my gas points, we drove to church and spent an evening in Carlisle! We had all of these high hopes to leave early, but of course we left 10 minutes late and were rushing to get to church. However, late to church selfies in the car always the best!
 After church we went out for sushi, which has kind of become our new tradition. My Valentine even got me a Valentine Roll, which was a shrimp tempura roll with tuna on top! Nom nom nom. After we stuffed our faces with sushi and I drank as much green tea as I could possibly drink, we walked to the Green Door.
Last weekend for our anniversary, J and I went Swing Dancing for the first time. We knew we wanted to try it out again and we actually remembered a lot. We love sweet heart position and can do a lot of turns and spins. We haven't practiced any drops or lifts yet, but hopefully we will incorporate those in a few months. We spent the whole night dancing to Frank Sinatra and a bunch of love songs!
 Sunday we spent the day doing homework and studying! We both had a lot of reading and studying to catch up on, so it was a very low key day. For dinner we decided to make a Papa Johns feast courtesy of my meal plan (benefits of a Live On position). We also watched Meet the Parents and laughed our little butts off. After the movie, J got ready to drive home and I hunkered down to finish an annotated bibliography for Stats class.
Our weekends always fly by and I look forward to the day where we don't have to say goodbye on a Sunday night! Anyways, cheers to another week full of happiness. I have no idea what next weekend's plans will hold. But, I'm really looking forward to enjoying February and Shamrock Shakes for as long as possible.

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  1. Your calligraphy is looking great!! I love your mix of sushi and Papa John's this weekend - so many of our favorites :)


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