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Thursday, February 18, 2016

RA Appreciation Day 2016

Yesterday was RA Appreciation Day! Appreciation Days are very important to me. I think we should show appreciation for others and their hard work/dedication every day. However, people get busy and sometimes we forget to say thank you. In my happiness research, I have learned that gratification is definitely one of the keys to success. Shawn Achor in his book 'The Happiness Advantage' claims that by incorporating gratitude moments into your daily routine you will essentially become more grateful and be happier. By starting your morning or ending your day by saying three things you are grateful for, you will be more reflective on the happy moments in your life. So, yesterday I spent my day showing my RAs how grateful I am for them.

RA Appreciation wasn't really that big of a deal at my undergrad. Nothing against my undergrad, but usually the day left me feeling less appreciated then when I woke up! I loved receiving baked goods from my various supervisors, but there was never really a lot of resident appreciation! Of course my residents appreciated me in their own ways, but for someone who lives and dies by words of affirmation (number one love language) I never really felt replenished and rejuvenated by  RA Appreciation Day. 

It was really important that my RAs NEVER felt those feelings! So, for their RA Appreciation Day I got several members of the building involved. To start, my Hall Council (RHA) did an incredible job! They decorated their doors, made door hangers with their names on them, and got them cupcakes. It was nice to have a student group work so hard on appreciating others!
 Now, it was my turn to show appreciation!I bought them cute little milk bottles and filled them with their favorite candy and then used my boss' Cricut to put their names and our building on the bottles. They can eat their favorite candy and enjoy a cute little keepsake. I also filled their bags with $5 sheetz gift cards, candy, pens, and capri suns. My favorite part of the appreciation gift however was the card. I had all of their residents sign a card for them and write little notes.
Check out that calligraphy!
 I'm really proud by the fact that I got a lot of their residents to sign their cards and hung up their posters by their doors without being sighted by any of them. Even with a snow day in between there I still managed to actually SURPRISE them!
I love this RA group of mine! My first year as an RD has been full of adventures and teachable moments. I will always cherish my first group of supervision experience and I hope I can continue to grow as an SA Professional.

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