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Friday, February 26, 2016

Confessional Friday

Hello Friday! It's nice to see you again. Although today doesn't really feel like a Friday (I have a full weekend of midterm studying and orientation work to keep busy), but Friday never the less! 

And in true Friday fashion I have my confessions ready for you all: 

I confess... I'm addicted to Shamrock Shakes! But, that's not really my confession... my real confession is that I'm so beyond frustrated with McDonalds and their milkshake machines being down. They really should put on their sign that the machines are down... then I wouldn't go to the gym for an hour of milkshake prep and then be left disappointed. Well, Sheetz is always there for me so they came in clutch this week with a delicious strawberry milkshake to fuel my milkshake desires. 
I confess... finally RD Selection is over and my life will potentially stop being ON THE GO. I swear I've eaten more dinners out of my lunch box this week than ever in my life. But, isn't life even more exciting like that anyways. The only downside is that I never seem to have enough water! I'm not a huge fan of water fountains, but I have had to make do this week.
I confess... In almost a week I will be on Spring Break and heading two to difference conferences for work. One is on Montreal, Canada and the other is in Wilmington VA. I will spend all of Spring Break traveling around. At this moment, I'm kind of regretting planning so much because I'm in dire need of some relaxation time. But, traveling the world and learning about the area I'm the most passionate about... forget relaxing!

I confess... My department (and two really awesome RDs Chris and Emily) put together Tunnel of Oppression, which is basically a walk through event where you learn about different prejudice and a variety of groups of people. It was such a touching event and reading statistics about black deaths and celebrities with mental disabilities was really informative.
I confess... lately I've been doing a little too much overthinking. I'm not sure what is going on with my mind, but I just keep looking at issues and then boom I'm over thinking it! Even when thinking about the trip to Montreal I've been overthinking things and have been quite worried about it. I really need to let go and let God take it over.
Anyways, those are my five confessions for Friday! How are you all doing? Any fun plans for the weekend!?

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