Radiating Sunshine: March 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the little things

enjoy the little things... What a simple statement for something that is so true! As I start to pack up for Easter Break I can't help but notice all the little things and little plans that make my life wonderful.

For starters, I look around my room and see all of my birthday cards, RA appreciation cards, photos of places I've been and close friends and I can't help but just feel truly blessed! I look at my to do lists and suddenly I'm thankful that they exist! Because I have plans. I have meaning. I'm important to others and I'm loved!

So, I challenge you all to look around you. What do you see? Are you staring at a photograph of someone you love? Or looking at a calendar of things you have to do? Embrace the little things because this is your life! And you only get one shot to make it great!

So, as I embark on this Easter Break, I'm going to fill my time with people I love, doing what I love, and enjoying all the little things!

Monday, March 18, 2013

friday's adventure

*Warning: Photo dump below* 

This past Friday I went on a crazy adventure with some of my favorite people! My sister, Brooke, my boyfriend, Chad, and best-friend/old roommate, Hannah and her boyfriend, Matt! We went to two famous Mount destinations: High Rock and Big Slide! -- If you haven't been you should totally go! 

So, now I'll let the pictures tell the story!! 

Brooke and Chad ran up to the top when we first
got there!
Had to take this picture like 5 times because
the wind kept destroying my hair! 
*Attempt to have a cute pic with our hair
gracefully blowing in the wind*
-- Not so graceful

After, climbing around a bit we found a cute
little alcove in the rock.
Matt and Hannah have been dating for over
3 years and are seriously so adorable!

"a little to the left"

Now, onto Big Slide!! Brooke and I heading
down first!

After, Hannah and I had a crash landing...

Reliving my childhood. 

The couples!! Thanks, Brooke for taking this
picture :) 

Tuckered out from a long day of climbing,
playing, driving, and eating Chinese food. 

After nap snack= smoothies!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

AC Appreciation Day

At the Mount, the Area Coordinators do a lot for Residence Life. Whether it is making the duty schedule for the entire semester, managing points, planning staff meetings, organizing fall training, and coordinating programs they do so much. 

The Appreciation Committee, does DA, RA, and AD appreciation day, but we have never regularly done an AC appreciation day. So, the we decided that we should have an appreciation day for our ACs who do so much for us! 

So, found this super cute idea on Pinterest and decided to recreate it! Each AC will receive a card from their individual staffs and a little gift which is $10 to Starbucks! I thought "Thanks a latte for all you do" would be so cute and that they would love it!! 

We also planned to decorate the RA/DA workroom like we did for DA Appreciation Day. I made this banner with their names and we got some other decorations to really dec-out the workroom! 

Thank you so much, Katie, Estela, and Kate! You guys are awesome and you do so much for us!! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

social psych

What' on this weekend's agenda? Social psychology, thanks for asking! Monday at 9am I have my Social Psych midterm and lets just say I am not jumping at the bit to take this exam.

My beautiful friend/ library date, Maria :)
I love the class, but it seriously controls my life! I sleep with the books next to my bed and often fall asleep reading them! We have these reading quizzes every Friday that are 5 points each and are literally the bane of my existence. So for now, I will stop procrastinating and get back to studying, but I just wanted to update you all on how awesome my Friday night is. If you find that you are very jealous of me and wish you could pour over some social psych studies and famous experimenters, then come find me. But, don't because then I'll probably just talk to you and continue to not get things done!

Happy Friday :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Break-Recap

This past week I spent spring-breaking-it-up in various locations, with various people, doing various things... 

For starters, my wonderful boyfriend and I after a long five weeks got to spend some quality time together! We spent 3 full days together... sharing meals, hanging with friends, celebrating our anniversary in Frederick (which we have done for the past three years), going to the movies, going out to dinner with our parents (who love each other, which is beyond fantastic), making a delicious brunch... and saying goodbye... 

But, not for long! A few short days later I drove up to Salisbury for an excellent weekend with him where we had a mexican themed dinner-- including piƱa coladas, quesadillas, chips and salsa, and so much more!! We also went to Ocean City where we spent the day walking along the beach, holding hands, and of course taking tons of pictures. Later, that night we made stuffed shells-- which really hit my carbo-italian craving! It was so nice being able to spend more time with him and I think it will be only two, maybe three more weeks until I see him next!! 

While on break I also visited my best friend from High School, Caitlin at Towson! It was so nice going out for coffee and just talking for hours as we caught up about what has happened over the past month and a half since we had last seen each other!

I had various lunch dates this week... one with my boyfriend's mother and one with my boyfriend's future-sister in law, Clancy. Clancy and I got quite the hookup at Origins, a beauty store in the mall. We got complimentary facials, massages, and make-up done-- so some great pampering for the future bride and her bridesmaid!

Also, had a lovely sleepover with my forever-roommate, Hannah! We talked all night and had such a blast! Whenever we are together we are seriously the craziest girls!

This Spring Break was fabulous! I wish I was with my Habitat for Humanity crew, but I am glad I got to go home and spend time with my family, friends, and boyfriend. But... my spring break isn't over quite yet... tomorrow morning I kiss Maryland and her cold weather goodbye, as a fly out to Las Vegas to attend the annual Next Generation Conference for Student Affairs!! I am beyond excited, but a little nervous for my first conference. Keep me in your prayers! :)

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