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Friday, February 19, 2016

Confessional Friday

Woohoo, Friday is here lovelies! Hope you all had an absolutely beautiful week. My week was definitely top notch, but I know that the weekend will be even better because I can spend it with my best friend! Any who, I know you all have been patiently awaiting my Friday confessions.... 

I confess... I love it when people send me snaps of Josh throughout the work week. A surprising number of individuals send me adorable creeper snaps (or in this case an adorable selfie) of Josh doing his thing around my alma mater! I miss seeing him every day and getting a tiny glimpse into his busy days bring my heart so much joy. Thanks Cassandra for sharing :)
I confess... I feel like everyone I know is heading down to Disney World for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. I have very mixed emotions... part of me wishes I could run a half marathon with all of them. Part of me also wishes I could just go to Disney World. Even my cousin, Christina is now a Disney travel agent... check out here page here! Anyways, I think its a sign that I need to start saving up money for my next trip to Disney. I always thought I would wait until I had kids to go back again, but lets face it that place is magical for everyone!

I confess... National Drink Wine Day was definitely a thing this week. I feel like there is a national wine something every month, not that I am complaining! Anyways, my friend Alex invited us over for some wine and I had this delicious sweet red. Definitely appreciated a nice glass of wine with great company.

I confess... because of snow I haven't had any grad classes this week, which has caused a mix of conflicted emotions. Partly, I'm overjoyed (and I definitely danced and jumped around when I read those emails) about classes being canceled. But, at the same time I missed the classroom. I honestly debated about going to another section so I could still learn! I know, I know I'm crazy! Anyways, I loved my week off of classes. But, am so ready to get back into the classroom and to not have online assignments due!

I confess... last night I went to Ship's 'The Vagina Monologues' and laughed my butt off. I also ate a chocolate vagina (check that off the bucket list?) I must say when I interviewed at Ship around this time last year, I saw an advertisement for 'The Vagina Monologues' and was a tad offended (this would never have happened at my alma mater). One of the RDs explained the purpose behind the event (sponsored by The Women Center and raises awareness for YWCA Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Services) and I knew I definitely needed to check it out if I came to Ship. Anyways, Opening Night was definitely a hit and I really enjoyed a night out with some great RD friends!
Anyways, that's all for now! Please, have a safe and awesome weekend. For all of my half-marathon running readers enjoy Disney World for me! xoxo. 

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