Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 2/22/16

Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Recap 2/22/16

Happy Monday friends! Another weekend has come and gone and I'm really looking forward to this week for several reasons... (1) Spring Break will officially be 2 weeks away and (2) February and RD Selection will be over. Clearly, break is on my mind. 

Anyways, here is a quick recap on how I spent my weekend. 

Friday night- I went out to eat with some of my RD friends! We try to plan a social every two weeks so it was awesome hanging out with everyone for a little while in a not work setting. After dinner, Josh and I went to Stations of the Cross a Friday Catholic tradition. We had never been to Stations at this new church so it was nice learning the new traditions. 
Saturday-- I went down to Josh's basketball game and cheered on his intramural team! They got to play on the actual Mount court and it was an awesome experience. They played two games at 12:00PM and 4:00PM and they were full college games. I also got to see two girls I studied abroad and it was really nice hearing how their senior years and grad searches were going.
The games went really quick... probably because they were (a) pretty interesting and high scoring games and (b) I had a wonderful book and great company. But, really the new book I'm reading 'Me Before You' (you probably have seen the movie trailer) is remarkable. Like literally I'm so excited to curl up in bed and just read that tonight. I love stories! I think I might love reading a good story more than watching a movie. There is just something remarkable about how authors can string words together and paint such a beautiful picture! 
Love hanging with these two boys! Can you tell who is who? Everyone thinks Josh and his brother Jonathan look the same, I personally don't see the twin-ness! However, I'll let you all decide! Either way I enjoy spending time with both of them.

Saturday night, I went home to visit my family and surprise my parents. They just got back from Jamaica and it was really nice seeing them and catching up with my sister. Its been almost two months since I have seen them and that definitely has been hard. I miss being home and being near them, but when we are all together its just so much more special!

Sunday- was a day full of church, rain, and chores! But, not a bad day at all! I must say I really know how to plan a Sunday (i.e. wait until Sunday to get everything I need to do). So, a lazy Sunday was not on my to do list.
However, I was really proud that I accomplished almost everything on my to do list for Sunday. I did a load of laundry, made oat banana coconut muffins (maybe I'll share the recipe later this week), cleaned every inch of my apartment, prepped my salads, and did homework. I also premiered on one of my RAs Radio Shows and talked about reverse racism. I am definitely not a race expert and I felt a little awkward at first, however it was really sweet of him to think of me!
Anyways, that's my weekend for you! Hope you all had a beautiful and fun weekend and a fabulous week.


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