Radiating Sunshine: October 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wait, You Live Here?

So, lets talk about residence hall rooms... or dorms for my non-student affairs folks! They are bland, usually tiny, and can be kind of gross. But, regardless of how the room looks you have to live 6 months+ of out of the year in it and its important you make it a space that you can call home. 

So, that is exactly what one of my good friends and fellow RA, Abel did. Below is an image of his room that looks like it was just taken from a magazine... but, seriously this room is beautiful. In my opinion it should receive Bed, Bath, and Beyond's Most Creative/Organized dorm room of the year!
 So, here are some words from Abel on where he found the inspiration for this masterpiece. 

"Everything about life should be glamorous, but things get complicated when coming to college where the dorm room is off white and the furniture is an awful birch, the challenge is especially difficult. The black fridge posed the greatest threat to my design scheme because black takes away the appeal when working with softer tones of color. So instead of hiding the black, I made it a feature throughout the room in the mirror, carpet, television, bookshelf and chair. This took away from the burden of working around it. I am obsessed with chevron patterns so I also wanted to feature it in the room as well, in a way that was not overwhelming. That is why I chose the design to be shared among the futon, ottoman, and bedding. Next I used my favorite color of “Tiffany Blue” to accent the room and take of away some of the morose feeling the wall paint offered as you can see with the hand sown curtains, pillows and various other accents. I chose the icicle lights to coat the room with just the right amount of lighting so that the hideous florescent would never have to be used. I finalized the room’s design with a few personal items from home to make it feel more welcoming. In the end, I achieved my goal of making the room an environment that is glamorous and balanced. My room is nowhere near finished and I hope as the year continues I can add more décor to enhance the rooms personality."
I am honored and pleased that you liked my room so much as to blog about it.

Thank You,

And an added bonus for y'all is this adorable little bench that Abel spiced up for his hall. This could
be a fabulous reading nook and (or) a place to just relax with friends. 

So, I think its safe to say that I want Abel to come decorate my room and make it look just as beautiful as his. But, seriously this is a college res. room success story right here!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Feeling Stressed Out? Hall Program Goodies

So, this past Sunday some RAs and I did a much needed craft! We made stress socks.

Now, what is a stress sock some of you may ask! Well, I'll tell you with these awesome step by step instructions: 

Step One: 

First, y'all need to get a knee high sock! They sell knee highs almost anywhere and you can get a ton of adorable patterns. Mine has baby penguins on it... {insert adorableness here}

Step Two:
 Then, you need to add rice into the sock. I would fill the sock about 60-70% up... Which would be about two inches over the heal depending on your sock length. 

Handy dandy paper funnel... very useful in the pouring rice in sock process. 

Step Three: 

Roll down the sock so you can see the rice, which will make pouring the lavender onto the rice a lot easier. 

Step Four: 

Make your stress sock smell heavenly with a tablespoon of lavender oil that you pour directly over the rice. 

 Step Five: 

Sew the end of your sock together. You can hand sew or use a machine but make sure you double up on the thread so there is no way that your rice will spill.

And voilà... microwave for a minute or put in the freezer and you have yourself a wonderful stress reliever. This has definitely been one of my favorite hall programs. It was so easy to do, not that expensive, and makes a lasting product for my residents to enjoy! 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

It was a fabulous weekend! Unlike most college students I didn't spend my weekend getting drunk and dressing up in the least amount of clothing possible for Halloween... Instead I went to a Halloween party where we played taboo and had a costume contest. I went to Zumba which turned into a private class for my friend and I... I guess Zumba at 9am was not what every college student had on their mind.

Anyways Saturday was seriously the perfect day.
After Zumba I had a great brunch with my friend, then the event I co-hosted was a smashing success! The society that I am the president of sponsored the Trick- or - treat event for the professors and faculty's children! I got to see the two little girls I babysit and we had a wonderful turn out. Then my parents came up and took me out to dinner. It was great seeing them and we discussed potential study abroad plans that I will hopefully be announcing later this week. I also took my parents to Mr. G's a homemade ice-cream shop! They loved it and it was so nice just spending time with them and talking about the upcoming holidays and our favorite past holiday traditions. And as if the night couldn't have gotten any better, Lord of the Rings 2-- The Twin Towers was on TNT and I got to watch that while I did laundry and went to the gym. It should probably be a sign that I'm a boring person if that was one of my highlights of my weekend... But, whatever I'm a sucker for cute guys fighting for the good! 

And well, Sunday I don't even consider a weekend day because usually all I do is homework. But, this Sunday I also had two meetings and a hall program which was an added bonus!

So, it was a terrific weekend and I'm so glad I got an opportunity to see my parents and enjoy some quiet time!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vest Weather is the Best Weather

Vest weather is the best weather... there I said it! I love Fall and everything that comes with it. So, finally today I got to break out the vest and enjoy this beautiful weather. But, come on its a wonderful mid 60s day, the sun is shining, and there is a cool breeze. So, as I got ready this morning I knew I was gonna break out my navy blue L.L. Bean vest and boy am I glad I did!

What is your favorite fall wardrobe piece?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pie Your RA

Pie Your RA! So, how many people can say that they have received a nice pie full of whipped cream in the face while working? Anybody? Well, one of the best things about the RA job is that its not all business. Yes, there are times when you have to be serious and handle a situation but really you get paid to plan programs, decorate bulletin boards, bond with awesome people, and GET PIED IN THE FACE! 

the before shot
So, why was I willing to let my two goofiest friends pie me in the face? Not for kicks I assure you, because a little unknown fact about whipped cream pies is that after your pied you smell rotten whipped cream for the rest of the evening... GROSS! But, this was the second annual Rho Alpha Sigma's Pie Your RA. So, all the proceeds that were either donated or collected by selling the whipped cream pies went to the Rho Alpha Sigma (RA National Honors Society)'s budget! 

I'm on the Mount's RAS team and we hope to use these funds for little RA appreciation related gifts, activities, and to support one of the big events we volunteer for which is Relay for Life in March 2013! We raised was over $100 which is pretty nice for this being such a small event! And I am beyond excited to see everything we can do with the money!

and the after shot! Shout out to these two crazy girls for pie-ing me when I was in the middle
of saying something at the same time!
 Happy Friday everyone! Hope this weekend is amazing. On Monday, look for a terrific Weekend Recap post :) 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Gifts

Over the weekend my best friend, Hannah and I made our friend James a birthday present! Its no secret that James loves Halloween. When you walk into his living room its like walking into a scary house! So, Hannah and I wanted to make him something that was fun and halloween related. So, these cute *spooky* little guys add wonderfully to his collection of halloween decor. 

So, how did we make these? Well, surprisingly they are easy and not to expensive. 

- 2 mason jars (dollar store sells them) 
- googly eyes (michaels) 
- white first aid tape (dollar store)
- Gauze- (dollar store) 

Once you have the supplies you just wrap the gauze that you have cut into strips around the jars and tape it down with the first aid tip, glue the eyes on, and voilà you have a wonderful halloween gift that was easy to make!

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Best Buds Kind of Weekend

Layers upon layers upon layers!
So, I have had the best couple of days working with Best Buds. For starters, this past Thursday was my first day of the mentorship I have just started working at Rock Creek School in Frederick, MD. The mentorship is every Thursday and I do activities with some buddies from the ARC of Frederick County. 

Working with people with intellectual disabilities is one of my callings. Ever since I got involved Freshmen year it has become one of my passions and I feel so blessed to get the opportunity to work with so many amazing people. On Friday, I got to dance the night away working with L'Arche and it was so awesome. We had a sing along and I learned a new dance move called "The Kate." I love working with that community and am so blessed to work with them once a month. 

And finally one of the events I've been looking forward to was Special Olympics on Saturday! The Mount has been hosting Special Olympics for 25 years so it was a great anniversary, with great athletes, and great competition. I was working on Long Distance running as a timer in the morning, and then I hung out with the power lifters and then helped out at flag football. It was a very chilly day but it was a wonderful experience. 

My favorite moment of the whole day was when the champion power lifter went up on stage, lifted his max weight successfully, and when he put the bar down his coach was right there and he gave her the biggest hug. They stood their embraced as I stood there tearing and it was just the best moment. Its hard for me to even put into words the raw emotion that I felt, but it was so pure and so true and I wish I could bottle it up and give it to you all. 

So, that was a bit of my weekend. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dogs Behind the Blog

Who doesn't love pictures of dogs? But, seriously I am obsessed with my puppies even though I rarely get to see them... because who couldn't love these darling winter themed pups! I love all of you guys so much so last week when I was home I decided I would take random pictures of them so you guys can be in awe of their adorableness. 


So, this little princess is Jenna. She is an Alaskan Klee Kai and quite the diva. Don't be fooled by her cuteness, she is the devil in dog form and is wild! This is cute little Jen-Jen sunbathing with me outside. 


Now, this darling pup is my wonderful, Juneau. She is a siberian husky and is the love of my life... but really I love this doggie more than life because she is literally the cutest. June just celebrated her 4th birthday and I could go on for hours about how awesome she is. 

June loves everyone and is beyond friendly... she is my sous-chef when ever I'm making anything, partly because she loves to be the vacuum cleaner and also because I think she likes to spend time with me? But, regardless of her intentions its always so nice when she camps out right in the middle of the kitchen.


One of the most interesting characteristics of Juneau, besides her beautiful blue eyes is how she barks. For Siberian huskies they must be taught how to bark/howl... so June's is like a woo... Hence her final nickname of woo-woo! 


So, if you can't tell already I love my pups! They are the dogs behind the blog. 

Happy Friday,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Check off 009-- Ran a 5k!


This past weekend I completed another 101 in 1001! So, check off 009 because on Saturday I ran a 5k. I have only ran one before so it was awesome completing my second one. I'm also planning to do another one in a few weekends from now to raise money for cancer research. 

But, this past one that I ran was great... I did okay on time and I made a friend! The race was to raise money for women who are victims of human trafficking in Thailand. A couple from my church lived in Thailand for this past year and they met a lot of young woman who have escaped human trafficking but have no money to travel back to their homes. So, all the money we raised is going directly to helping these women get back to their families!

Can't wait for the more 5Ks to come and glad I got to help out a good cause!

Monday, October 14, 2013

How I Spent Fall Break

This past Fall Break was ah-maz-ing! I don't know whether it was just hanging out with the family, visiting my grandparents, baking, and spending time with friends I just had the greatest time. I didn't have any major plans and I let opportunities like winning Chick-Fil-A pop up in my agenda! It was really nice just going with the flow of things and I even completed a 101 in 1001 item which I'll be writing about later this week.

After the week I had before break I definitely needed some quiet time at home with the pups, sweets, and Netflix!
Below are just a few pictures of how I spent my Fall Break:

Baking the mini-apple pies and the bread pudding! So yummy... also
the apron is courtesy of my darling sister, Brooke! 

First scarf-wear of the season! The weather has been so inconsistent and finally mid-way through October I got to break out the scarfs. This orange and navy scarf is from The Limited! Absolutely love the colors and how soft it is. 

As I sit here back in my dorm room... I can't help but wish I was at home playing with Juneau and relaxing. So, here is to the next 5 weeks until I'm home... I hope it goes quickly and that I stay busy!


Friday, October 11, 2013

First 100 Challenge

One of my favorite quick eats is Chick-Fil-A! So, when my friend Alex found out about this awesome opportunity to win a free chick-fil-a meal once a week for a year... I couldn't say no! 

So, what did we have to do? To win the Chick-Fil-A First 100 challenge you have to camp outside the new opening restaurant for 24 hours. The Chick-Fil-A in Rockville opened yesterday and we set up our tent in the parking lot along with 100 other people!

We had to decorate pumpkins with what we had in our tent! 

We left my house at 4:30am to make it to Rockville by 5:30am to start getting ready for the raffle/selection process. Now, we got super lucky because only 100 people showed up so they didn't need to use the raffle system and we were guaranteed a spot in the campout. 

Registration started at 6am and then everyone rushed out of the Chick-Fil-A to grab spots to set up their tents! Alex and I secured a nice little location next to some really nice guys who eventually saved us from the rain that we were very unprepared for!

The Alex's 
Chick-Fil-A hosted a ton of little challenges, like pumpkin decorating, minute to win it games, and ping pong tournaments! We also participated in line checks to make sure everyone was still on the property. If you didn't show up for the line check you were disqualified. 

Another bonus is that Chick-Fil-A fed us all day on Wednesday which was really nice! So, besides playing games and hanging out it was a really relaxing day... until THE RAIN! 

So, it rained... ALL NIGHT! We did look at the forecast but, the tent we had claimed to be water proof and well it is a liar because it wasn't waterproof at all. Anyways, we met some nice guys who were camping next to us and they lent us some tarps that we tied down with twine and trash bags. We definitely wouldn't have lasted the night without the tarps and their compassion was just another reminder on how God works through others. 

Anyways, after about 2 hours of standing in the rain frantically trying to waterproof our tent through the tarps we were able to keep the rain out and have a somewhat peaceful night!

So, finally after getting maybe 3 hours of sleep 6am came around and we all lined up, got our hats and t-shirts and then participated in the grand opening of the Montrose Crossing Chick-Fil-A! As we walked into the restaurant and got greeted by all the employees and the cow it felt so great receiving our hard earned vouchers. 

We had an amazing time and I'm very excited to dine at Chick-Fil-A for free for a year. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bonding with My Dad

Since I'm away from home more than half of the year... I rarely get to hang with my dad! Okay, I also don't call my dad, dad so for the remainder of this post I'll refer to him as Faja! Anyways I miss Faja more than anything. He is my main man and my number one fan! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have his humor and love constantly flowing in my life... seriously, he is so awesome!

Anyways, to bond we decided that the typical watch football with some wings wouldn't cut it. So, on Tuesday we decide to give my car a nice wash and wax! Now, please take into consideration that I'm absolutely useless when it comes to cars and or waxing cars! 


But, no worries my Faja showed me the ropes and I'm now an official car waxer... Hahaha only jokes! But, it was great to learn some new things and hang out with him! 


Friday, October 4, 2013

Plans for Fall Break 2013

Fall Break 2013 Is Finally Here!
After a ridiculously long and stressful week of midterms and meetings I am happy to announce that Fall Break has officially begun. The only thing standing between me and going home is finishing up at work, going to the gym, packing, dinner with RA friends, RA check out, and a 45 minute drive. 

I'm beyond excited to go home and honestly just relax and hang out with the family. I'm secretly hoping that while I'm home I can convince my parents to get a puppy (I'll keep y'all updated on my efforts). And I also have a couple other plans too... 

When it comes to baking:
- Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for my staff
- Apple Crisp for me to consume by myself... jk for the family as well
- Maybe make a pie for my church?

Random Things To Do:
I also hope to finish another Elin Hilderband book... I started this last week and it is so good! Maybe if I have time I will tackle another book and hopefully get half way through on completing one of my 101 in 1001 tasks!

When it comes to crafting: 
Make a fall wreath for my door out of yarn and ribbons! I've always seen pretty wreaths on pinterest so hopefully I can create something nice for my dorm! 

When it comes to organizing: 
I'm hoping to go through my clothes and donate the stuff I don't wear etc. Since I primarily live at school the majority of my clothes that I wear is with me there... but for some odd reason all my drawers at home are full of pieces of clothing that I never have the intention to wear. But, I'm putting my foot down and donating all the stuff that I don't wear or that doesn't fit! 

I also plan to do homework... which totally stinks but some of my professors gave objective exams in class this week and then take home essays to do while on break. So, not fun! But, I'm currently kidding myself by thinking I'm not gonna wait until the Saturday before I leave to actually do stuff #procrastinationnation

If you have any suggestions on what I should do on my week off 
please comment below! I'd love to hear from you guys.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Playing Catch Up... But, not really!

Went to a nature preserve last Friday with friends! 
Hey blog friends... its me again. But, really its me. This week I have kind of taken a blog/ social media hiatus because its midterm week and school comes first and all of that jazz!

However, I have a few minutes until my next class so I thought I'd check in with y'all before the remainder of this academic week goes from fairly busy to total chaos... anyways my life as a college student is normally fairly busy with classes, work, extra curriculars... but add 4 exams, 2 papers, several back to back meetings, and balancing a social life and voilà I'm on the edge of losing my mind.

But, thankfully next week is fall break and I only have to be a workaholic for a little bit longer. However, while I procrastinate a bit longer on studying for something... I might as well update you on the happenings in my life. This weekend my little sis, Brooke came to visit and it was so nice to spend time with her! Since leaving for my college I'm rarely home and thus I rarely see her. When I left this summer to work in Texas for 2 months, family friends would ask her... "do you miss Alex?" They would always be taken aback when she said no, but with further explanation she would tell them that its not really a big deal anymore because she rarely sees me during the school year anyways! Now imagine my heart breaking into a million little pieces when she tells me this! Anyways, I have been working hard at spending more time with her and taking advantage of any opportunity and thats what we did this past Saturday! She came up for a sleepover and we restaurant hopped, ate dessert for dinner, visited my various college friends, talked about boys, played Taboo, and just had a great time! Its weird to think that next year she will be away at college probably down South somewhere and we won't get these spontaneous sleepover opportunities anymore. Ahhhh so crazy, but we had an awesome time this past weekend and I'll be home for a full week next week so I can see her everyday and get my Brookie-fix!

So, after some much needed blog-therapy it is time for me to return back to my world of studying and work! Hope y'all have a great hump day :)

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