Radiating Sunshine: August 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Year 2: August's Bulletins

Sorry, for the delay on this post!! But, here is this month's bulletins:

Also, because the hallways are so tiny it is literally impossible for me to capture the whole bulletin board... sorry! 

Now, for those of you who followed my monthly bulletins last year, you know that I usually spend a great deal of time making my bulletin boards... well this month was no exception and I'm completely obsessed with the Minion Bulletin Board! 

For starters, I cut out a ton of little minion pictures. I also made slides of 'Lessons College Students Can Learn Through Minions'... they include, staying organized, laughing often, staying healthy, living like a minion, and if a situation arises call Public Safety or an RA (bee-do-bee-do)! I also included a document on how to identify your favorite minion... mine is Stuart for all of y'all minion lovers! And my favorite part of the bulletin board is how to speak minion language! 

Last year, I did a board similar to this one but the theme was happiness! This year I decided to just go with life lessons and quotes from Pinterest! They are all really impactful and have the best graphics. 

And above is a picture of the door decoration for this month! Cute little handmade minions :)

So, I don't know how long I'll be able to keep the handmade door decorations going especially because this semester is already presenting a heavy workload but for now I'll do my best to stay as crafty as possible for y'all and my residents! 

Happy Monday

Thursday, August 22, 2013

hello junior year, its nice to meet you

hello junior year! Its crazy to think that I'm half way through my undergrad already. It feels like yesterday when I was starting college and was nervous about the new journey ahead of me! But, here I am a junior. An upperclassman. I don't know what this school year has in store for me, but so far I love my classes, I love my job, I love my friends and staff. I'm working out my schedule, finding my routine, and hiking down the mountain to see all my friends who are living in upperclassman res. halls. But, so far so good. I'm taking Social Research, Adult Psychology, Pre-Columbian Civilization, Honors Theology, and American Experience. Its nice knowing I can start taking classes that I'm interested and are centered around my major. Oh, and RA life is going great! I met all six of my girls and I'm getting a new girl tomorrow. My residents are lovely! We had a program that I thought would only last like 30 minutes, but an hour and a half later we were still sitting on the floor chatting. I'll be posting pictures of August's Bulletins sometime this weekend! But, for now I'll leave y'all with this quote that has been inspiring my junior year:

"Wherever you are, be all there" - Jim Elliot  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Best and Worst Thing About Training

Today marks the last official day of RA training... Upperclassmen (my residents) are moving in today and as I sit in my room passing out Room Condition Reports, listen to parents saying goodbye, and start getting to know my new residents I am happy and sad that training is over. 

I love training because of the bonding. In Res. Life its easy for an RA to feel like its them against the world. You get lonely and in some cases you lose friends because of your job. That's why the RA fam is crucial... it gets rid of the 'you're in this alone' mentality and you make lasting friendships. 

But, training is exhausting. You sleep very little and are constantly on the go- learning something new. Most RAs jokingly say that they are excited for classes to begin because at least they know they will get more sleep. 

My friend Joe tweeted this pic explaining how RAs are now casually napping on furniture during breaks... True Life: I was exhausted. 

So, although I'm bummed that RA training is over and I won't be surrounded by my fellow RAs. I'm very excited to get on schedule and get 8 hours of sleep :) 

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Hannah and Brooke made me look all pretty for the wedding... and yes that
is the curly hair being straightened (with two straighteners, haha)

On Friday, I got a tiny break from RA training to attend the wedding of my two close friends, Trevin and Clancy! It was the perfect day... Not only was the weather beautiful (like, seriously perfect), but everything about the day was amazing. I woke up to great news from one of my friends, lost another pound (totes dieting after my summer in Texas), got to drive my dad's 350z for the first time with my best friend, and got to dance the night away with my "family" and close friends!

The wedding was beautiful and very pinterest-y! The food was great and the flowers
were wonderful too. I even managed to get one of the bouquets for my dorm room :)

 The lovely Mrs. Hoekzema! Clanc, you looked stunning and your dress was perfect! So, 
glad I made it to your special day and could celebrate this new chapter of your life!

How did I meet Clancy? I dated her 'new' brother-in-law for a few years and we became close friends because of that. We traveled to Maine, shared a ton of Sunday night dinners, and spent many holidays together, played hours of corn hole, etc. For the past three years of my life, almost all of my fondest memories have been made with the Hoekzema family and I'm so thankful I could celebrate Clancy and Trevin's wedding with them :) Miss y'all everyday! 

I also got to spend the day with my dearest parents! They are very close with the mother and father of the groom so I was thankful that with my night off I could spend it with all the people I love! 

Isn't my mama gorgeous? 

What is your favorite part about weddings?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Only 5 Days Left? What!?!

Hi, friends!

I know, I know... its been awhile since I last put up a post, but RA training has been C-R-A-Z-Y! We have been going non-stop, but we have been having a blast.

Through movie nights, to the annual RA cardboard boat race across the pond, to beach volleyball, to celebrating Afton's 21st birthday, and having a pool party with the whole student- Residence Life staff... Lets just say we are all officially

RA training is probably one of the best things about the job because even though we sit through tons of seminars discussing some pretty tough stuff like documentations to dealing with depression. We are a family! It's hard being together all day everyday and then going into the school year and not seeing the whole staff that often, but for me it's easy to just hold on to the memories of RA training. 

So, here is to the last 5 days of training and making it awesome! / ill try to blog more details of the actual training for all of my Student Affairs friends :) 

Friday, August 9, 2013

AC/ RA Training... so far

 The photo to the left is very accurate of what I do during RA training... only joking folks! 

Actually, RA training includes a lot of seminar listening, conflict resolution training, team bonding, ice-breaking, and the occasional crafting (mostly with bulletin boards and door decorations). 

However, this year I am not just returning to the Mount as an RA, but I'm also returning as an Area Coordinator. So, what does an Area Coordinator do? Well, besides the regular RA duties we plan certain things for training, we help our staffs in anyway they need, answer questions, and assist the Pro. Staff directly. Obviously the position is a bit more than what I mentioned, but instead of boring y'all with the full details of every day AC training life I figured the brief synopsis would suffice! 

However, I do want to mention that I have three other wonderful ACs who I'm so blessed to be working with! We have gotten so much done... and not so much done *cough* *cough* {mural-- see first picture.} But, from an administrative end we certainly have been on our A Game! 

I also have a wonderful staff! They are all go-getters and really excited about the job! Not to mention in every seminar they always ask the best questions, which is awesome! 

I can't wait to see what this year will bring with AC life and with the Terrace RA staff! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Junior Year's Dorm Room

Its that time of year again. Junior year and RA training are about to start back up and with that comes a new dorm room to decorate. I'm still living in the same building, but I'm just a few floors down. 

My new space is tiny and unique... but I have grown to love it over these past three nights... 

Yes, that is a window on the ground on the far wall... but don't worry this space gets even 
more awkward with my little fridge nook (below). 

The finished product (as of now) I am always updating my room as the year goes on.

I moved the fridge out and made this little nook my laundry
station! My dad was joking with me that its my tiny bathroom. 

The window is behind these drawers and shelves. Kind of disapointed 
that I won't have much/ any natural light but it could be worse!  

Oooo, ahhhh... My desk! I have so much empty space on it and I'm so excited to 
work here. Not to mention, I love looking up on my wall and seeing
all the people I love including my Duke TIP staff. 

My dressers. The Frank Sinatra record was a gift from my grandparents (yes, 
they actually used the record inside) and the flower photographs above 
the TV were from a thrift store. 

I love my new dorm room! I really tried to make it my own and as homey as possible! Since, 
its such a tiny space I really wanted to make it cozy and inviting. Not to mention this is the first time in a long time that I haven't had a raised bed while away at school. Its nice being able to just sit down in bed, instead of having to climb into bed. 

If you have any suggestions on how to improve my space or college residence hall rooms 
in general, please comment below! Stay wonderful, readers :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Packing for College

 And so it begins... my junior year of college and all the dorm & college posts.

I'm excited for my third year of college, but for some odd reason I just can't bring myself to pack and I leave TOMORROW!

So, I'm going to attempt to follow my own advice and kick myself for waiting so long to actually get stuff done...

This is how I currently am feeling while packing for college... except you can add an additional 10 hours to my packing effort and all I have to show is a few things shoved into some boxes. Its actually kind of depressing how little I have actually gotten done because I didn't unpack much when I moved home in May because I was leaving for Texas for the whole summer. 

But, onto advice for packing for college:1) Start packing in advance... it can't hurt to start collecting little things and putting them in boxes. 2) Pack similar things in one box. It may take some organization on your part but its a lot easier to just keep things in the same box and store them under your bed than having to reorganize when you move into your dorm room. 3) Only pack what you'll actually use. If you need a list check out this post I wrote last year, here.   4) Check out your dorm room ahead of time... whether its looking at your school website or asking an upperclassman but find out what type of storage options you may need. 5) Don't stress. Moving into college can be a really busy and stressful time for you and your family. So, take a deep breathe and make a list of everything you need to get done. This will help you feel in control of this crazy time in your life. 
Now, I must follow my own advice and stop writing this post and actually finish packing! Good luck on your upcoming semester and if you have any other advice that I should add to this post, leave a comment below!  

This Summer's Highlights {Link Up}

This summer has definitely been the best one yet! Although I spent 80% of it away from my family and friends, I made new friends and great memories in Texas! 

Here is a recap of some of my Summer Highlights and what I did from May 15th- August 3rd! On Sunday, August 4th my summer will end as I move back to college and start AC and then RA training. But, that is really exciting too because I can't wait to start my new job and meet my new staff. 

Before, I left I spent time with my closest friends from the Mount
and modeled  bathroom decorations, drank milkshakes, did yard work and so much more.

I also spent a week in OC with friends from High School. It was a great mini vacation
before my big trip to Texas!

While working at Texas A&M, I spent my day off with my aunt, uncle, and cousins visiting 
the Blue Bell Factory! Blue Bell is a type of ice-cream for anyone who doesn't know! 

I got all dressed up several times for the dances with the Duke TIP! 
This picture's dance theme was the Great Gatsby. At these dances I learned 
how to line dance which is so much fun. 

During my week off in between the two sessions I spent time with some Duke TIP staff members in 
San Antonio on the River Walk and going to a Schlitterbahn, water park...

We also saw the Alamo while in San Antonio, which was cool! Totally 
got to squeeze in a bit of touristy attractions on the trip. 

 I spent the 4th of July with the Duke TIP Staff! We all got Sonic drinks and went to watch
the fireworks on top of one of the parking garages at TAMU! It wasn't like my typical
4th of July in OBX, NC... but it was fun standing with around with Aggies and watching the 
George W. Bush Presidential Library put on a firework show. 

This is Danielle, one of my closest friends on staff at Duke TIP TAMU! I miss her so much already and
she is an amazing person. This picture was taken at the Staff vs. Tipster Ultimate Frisbee Game 
which the staff always wins... not saying much since we are older but still great!

And after two months of being in Texas, I finally was reunited with some of my greatest pals back in MD for an Orioles Game! I'm with my two best girlies and their boyfriends! Also, special shout out to the guy on the right. Matt, you rock and stick with the training at the Naval Academy. 

So, how did y'all spend your summer? What were your favorite
moments? Write your post and share below! Can't wait to connect. 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Twenty Four Hours

Yesterday was one long, but great day! Back in February 2009 I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I have been seizure free for awhile so my neurologist thought it would be good to reevaluate the situation. So, this morning I had a sleep deprived EEG scheduled at 9am to see if I was still having an seizure discharges. There is a hope that with a clean EEG scan, then I can potentially get off my seizure medicine! 

So, yesterday around 8:30am began my 24 hours of being awake for the test. 

I woke up to the cutest pup in the Honsberger household... Miss. Juneau! I love June so much and her early morning cuddle sessions. 

I went to breakfast with my grandma, which was great! We are very close and I love meeting up with her and hearing about her life. She has taught me so much and I'm so thankful for the time I get to spend with her. Love you, Grandma Bee!!

Also, after two plus months I met up with my close friend, Molly for sushi! It has been far too long for the both of us and our sushi addictions. 

Finally my saving grace, Alex came to my rescue to keep me up all night! We went shoe shopping and then picked up some necessary coffees/ caffeine fixes! 

This was taken at 2am when as we worked on Minion door decorations for this upcoming month and jammed to our Christian spotify playlists. We also watched several movies and looked through a ton of old photographs. 

Alex, thank you so much for staying up with me! You are a great friend and I seriously couldn't have done it without you. 

After the EEG, I rested up and hung out with Hannah and Alex. We made a great lunch and just talked. Then, I squeezed in a tiny nap and met up with a friend for dinner in Olney. 

It was one long day but I feel so accomplished. Even though I'm falling asleep as I write this post I can't help but feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life who made staying up for 24 hours possible. I didn't even feel tired until after the test, which was really interesting. I guess all of those late nights working at TAMU had paid off for my functioning level on little sleep. 

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