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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Date Night In: Essentials for this Valentine's Day

On behalf of Valentine's Day prep week and Man Crates (The Most Awesome Gifts in the World), I'm writing a post today featuring a perfect Date Crate. There are a lot of people out there who struggle with putting on that perfect date. Well, today I'm writing about that Date Night Essentials Crate that will definitely bring romance to any occasion.

Now for me, it doesn't take much to put on the perfect date. I think the perfect date ingredients can change for many people, however my favorite date night crate would definitely feature a movie, perfect snacks, and a cozy gear (i.e. sweatpants & blankets). So, men if you're looking to surprise your favorite lady with a date, but you are on a budget... please consider my tips below!

You can still go big even when you're at home. When you are planning a date from the comfort of your couch make sure you cover the essentials. Get your partner's favorite snacks (mine happen to be milkshakes or popcorn). Pick a few movies out (warning: if you're indecisive and they are indecisive come up with a selecting option that is neutral-- J and I pick numbers). And get all of the comfort essentials. Whether you are in to building a fort or creating a pillow bed, make it comfy. Make sure you put forth some effort into this date night in. If your significant other gives out A+ for a lot of effort, make sure you do that.

So, to recap:

Now, I'm not exactly sure why lately I have been craving date night in! Maybe its the fact that I am working and in grad school or completely exhausted from my day date out last weekend. Nothing brings me more date night joy than a milkshake, a movie, and a blanket. Now, I wouldn't suggest you propose a "date night in" for the first date, but if you're feeling confident theI n I would totally recommend it. Date night ins give you the freedom to pause the movie whenever you want to talk or to have as many refills on sweet treats that you want!

What is your date night in necessity?

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