Radiating Sunshine: November 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Res Lifer for Life

Are you interested in what life is like as a Student Affairs professional in Higher Ed? Are you curious what I do all day? Well today we are diving into what my career looks like!

I work as a Residence Director for a state university in the North East! 

Why did I choose this profession? Well, like most SA Pros, I chose this career so that I could have an impact on college students' development. College is such a unique privilege and unfortunately a lot of students aren't prepared to be here. My whole purpose and passion for working in Student Affairs is to help students be successful. 

What do I love the most about my job? By far learning moments with students. Last week, I had a student who was having some difficulties with one of their friends. This student has never confronted their friend in person, instead chose to text any feedback or disagreements between them. It ended up putting a huge wedge in their friendship (until I got there). I pulled the two parties together and got them to talk about their differences and give feedback to each other. I was over the moon with their progress and their friendship has been salvaged! 

What is the most difficult part of my job? Not laughing at inappropriate times. I kid ya not y'all sometimes when students do the most ridiculous things I struggle keeping it together. That might not be the most difficult part, but that was at least the first thing that popped into my mind. 

What would I change about the field? I wish that faculty and staff collaborated together on more things. I'm not sure if this is how it is at every institution, but sometimes there just seems to be this giant chasm that I wish wasn't there. 

Is it weird living on a college campus? Well, I'm going on my sixth year of being on a college campus and to be completely honest I'm kind of used to it! I love having access to so many awesome things (like rec fields, volleyball courts, different food options, etc.) I feel safe on a college campus and I love the hustle and bustle of students. 

If I had to change one thing about living on campus... it would be my wonderful residents who live above me and stomp around their rooms all night. I really want to tell them to be a little bit more considerate (it sounds like a heard of elephants), but usually when I'm the most annoyed by their stomping it is at 3AM and I don't feel like getting properly dressed to go up stairs to talk to them. 

How do you explain what your job is like? Well, I am not a forever college student that's for sure. That is probably one of the most frustrating things when it comes to explaining what I do to non-SA folks. Usually the way it works for them is "oh so you live at college and deal with all the trouble makers." SURE, absolutely! Trust me, if that was all my job was about I definitely would not have chosen this profession. 

What is it like to supervise emerging adults? I love supervising my Resident Assistants, Desk Assistants, Hall Council (student leaders), etc! It can be hard to keep a group of students on task, but watching them grow and work together brings me so much happy bliss. I love investing in their growth and making their experience worthwhile. 

What does a typical day as an RD look like? Well, as a grad RD (aka grad student + RD staff member) I get a lot of freedom in setting my own hours. So, I usually start work around 9AM and then work until 7-9PM. You have to take into consideration that I also have graduate school and homework to do, so I don't work 10 straight hours a day, which is nice. 

Things that I typically do: have one on one's with my RAs (hour long meetings to check in on them),  follow up about work orders, meet with students about concerns, manage desk assistants, work on programs and community development, host my own programs, bake things for my students, reply to parental issues, work on student development, respond to duty calls, help students manage crisis situations, etc. 

What would I write out of my job description? Honestly, I love my job... but, I wish I had more work life balance. When I have a free night, I honestly don't even know what to do. Having a live on position means work is always here or I'm always at work. So, I would love to have more work life balance. 

I love the career path I have chosen. It can be difficult and exhausting (I was up until 4AM on call last night), but it is so very rewarding and I have the opportunity to make a college student's experience a great and memorable one.
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