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Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Confessions

TGIF! This week or really the last two weeks have seemed to drag on. I'm not sure if you share my sentiments, but really every day has felt incredibly long it's own versions of frustration and victories. As I sit here and write this post, I'm looking forward to experiencing my first RA Interview weekend at a new university. I'm also really looking forward to going to another homecoming basketball with my main man! Anyways, before all of that can happen... I have some confessions!

I confess... I'm obsessed with the chicken teriyaki bowls at the CUB. Last semester when I discovered them I began limiting myself to one chicken bowl a week... but, not having them for over a month due to Winter Break has caused a strong craving for them! Do you have a favorite food that you crave?
I confess... all of my jeans & yoga pants are ripping... I guess I'm at that point in my wardrobe to reinvest in jeans and yoga pants. However, I'm being really stubborn about it. I totally wore the jeans below for 3 more days once I noticed this hole. Now, I know why my freshmen roommate in undergrad struggled with parting from jeans with holes in them. It's like you're breaking up with your favorite pair of jeans. You've worn them every day for years. They are comfortable to you. They make you feel and look good. And suddenly, they develop a hole in them and threaten to expose you to the world... So, farewell to my favorite pair of jeans! Where do you get your favorite jeans?
I confess... Since I sit on a Selection committee for work and I read a ton of resumes and cover letters I have noticed two things about myself: I really need to update my resume and I really hate it when people don't proofread their work that they submit. Now, I'm definitely not a proof-reading angel (this blog I'm sure is scattered with typos) but when you submit a resume I feel like that should be on the list of things you NEED to look for!

I confess... I love getting letters... particularly from Josh! I've gotten two love letters from this guy in the last week and I feel like a million bucks. There is just something so darling about a hand written letter from a loved one! So, if you have an extra 10 minutes in your day send a letter snail mail to someone you care about... it will for sure brighten their day and boost them up.
I confess... I love salads in a jar. There is just something so magical about eating salads from a jar. I'll be sharing my favorite recipe next week... but, today I'm sharing my favorite ingredient in the jar. And that's onions. Now, before you shake your head in disgust, please remember that onions are flavorful and extremely healthy for you. Sometimes I wonder how people live in a world without onions, I've met a number of people who can't even have onions in anything that they eat. While I still respect and love these people (and eat all of their shares of onions) I still cannot fathom not enjoying this delicious vegetable.
Anyways, that's all my confessions for the day! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend. See you on Monday for another weekend recap :)


  1. It's so sad when a good pair of pants reaches the end of its life! I bought one new pair of jeans this year, and they were from Abercrombie & Fitch. I haven't shopped there since I was in high school BUT they have really high quality jeans, and I am obsessed with mine! They were having a deal around Christmas where all jeans were $39, so I couldn't pass it up! I wish I had gotten another pair because I wear this one all. the. time. haha

    1. Hahaha jeans are that special piece of clothing that you can wear every day and they never get dirty ;) I just bought a pair today from Old Navy! Hoping they work out, but if not I'll hit that deal up!


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