Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 1/18/16

Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Recap 1/18/16

Writing my first weekend recap of the New Year! It felt so strange to type 16 instead of 15! But, that's how it always feels when you begin a new year! This past weekend was really lovely. On Friday night I went to a barbecue restaurant with some of my RD friends and then worked off that delicious pulled pork sandwich at the gym! Then, J came up and we watched a movie and made milkshakes. They weren't really milkshakes... rather glorified chocolate milk! But, still delicious! 

On Saturday, J went to the farm show and I decided to have a lazy craft day! I painted three pieces for my apartment. The first was 'For where two of three gather in my name I am with them'! I've been wanting to make this piece for sometime and when J surprised me with a beautiful piece of wood to paint on I couldn't resist. 

 The second to mini canvas were inspired by Pinterest! The first is 'start each day with a grateful heart' and has found it's home on my night stand! I love the pink and gold colors together. The last piece I created was 'spirit lead me where my trust is without borders' to honor my favorite Hillsong song!
I enjoyed my paint day, even though I have really old brushes! For my next paint projects I will definitely have to get new brushes! I kid you not y'all I was washing my brushes and looked down and the tip fell off and went right down the drain.

After my painting ventures were over. I got busy cleaning and cooking. I cleaned the whole apartment (minus the bathtub -- I've got to tackle that today)! I even made four more salads in a jar and tried a new pizza crust recipe!
When J got home from the Farm Show he showed me all of the cool goodies he got! I hope I can go to the farm show with him next year *remind me not to take duty* :) On Sunday (today), we spent the day watching football and relaxing. I was totally cheering for Carolina to win and who knows what will happen with the Steelers vs. Broncos game! Obviously, I have to cheer for the Steelers because of J but, I really don't know who I think will win. J and I keep joking that we should start a youtube channel called 'When Your Girlfriend Watches Football' because apparently he loves it when I give my two sense on the games. So, stay tuned we may have a little project to start working on!

Happy Monday and Martin Luther King Day! May you all remember the importance to treat each other not just equally, but also justly.

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