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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happier You: Health & Wellness

I can't believe that January is coming to an end! This month truly did fly by and I'm excited that I am a month in to Happier You. To see more of my Happier You goals, check them out here! This month was a really exciting month. I felt so empowered by choosing five new goals to focus on and meeting the expectations I set for myself.

Health & Wellness month was pretty much dedicated to making my body run smoother. After reading a few happiness books, I've learned that one can't become happier by having a run down body. I also learned that one cannot feel happier if one is exhausted and feeling sluggish. So, this month I made five goals: get more sleep, drink tea, leave my apartment, rise on the first alarm, and eat my veggies.

So, let's begin with the update & grade for this month's Happier You goals:

get more sleep... um yes!! It's not surprising that getting more sleep was on my list of happy improvements. As Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project so cleverly writes that sleep is essential to our happiness make up! Like her, sleep was one of my first goals for my own happiness projection. Rubin even offers her readers 14 Great Tips for Getting More Sleep. Some of these include: setting a bed time (midnight), establish a bed time routine (cup of water- sometimes with Vitamin C tablet, brush teeth, pre-bed stretches, call Josh to say goodnight), make your room dark and chilly, cover those feet, lotion up (I love using Body Butter by Bliss), and write down your agenda for tomorrow.

I knew getting more sleep was very important for improving my work production and overall function. Now, I definitely still craved naps on some days. But, once I started getting in a routine sleep became easier and I felt more rested from the sleep that I got.

drink tea... so, this Happier You goal I kind of just stumbled upon. I was at Target, walking aimlessly through their well organized aisles when I stumbled upon tea that was on sale. So, naturally I spent twenty minutes in the tea aisle examining the sale, picking out the tea, and putting it in my cart. I was so excited about my new purchase and hopefully what would become my new habit. I decided to test out two different types: Lemon Detox and Nighty Night by Traditional Medicinals. These little teas have made their way into my routine and I am loving their effects. My skin is clearer, I feel healthier, and I sleep pretty gosh darn well. Now, I was a psych major so I'm well aware of the placebo effect... so if this is a placebo or not, I really don't care! I feel better and I'm sticking with it.

leave my apartment... lately my extroverted self has been sent to hibernation and my inner introvert is here to stay. I keep finding myself enjoying quality time in my apartment where I can work on my hobbies, read books, and take bubble baths. But, this quality time spent alone has also been driving me a little crazy! So, my goal is to continue to get out of my apartment... whether that is stretching my legs (achieving 10,000 steps) or swinging by a friends. I've done pretty well on this goal for January. Even when the blizzard hit, I still made it outside and shoveled A LOT. Too bad shoveling didn't equate to steps on my tracker!

rise on the first alarm... arguably the hardest goal and the one I struggle accomplishing every day. Josh kind of inspired this one because he gets up on the first alarm (most mornings) compared to me, who sets 6 alarms to get out of bed. However, I've been realizing that I spend a good 30 minutes whining about getting out of bed and that isn't going to make my morning anymore positive. So, I set my alarm song to All is Love by Karen O and the Kids and am off to a great start!

eat my veggies... hello salads in a jar it's nice to meet you! I used to struggle getting my daily veggie intake. Living at a college campus and eating primarily cafeteria food leaves my veggies opportunities quite limited. So, the salads in a jar have really come in handy! I've been eating them for almost a month now and shaking up the recipes and the jars has been a lot of tasty and healthy fun.

It was really important for my Health and Wellness goals to be tangible and exciting. I did not want to pick any cliche goals and I wanted to pick something new and exciting. I already go to the gym three times a week and I drink plenty of water (I could probably cut soda out of my diet) so I knew building on those goals wouldn't really give me that accomplished feeling. I'm really quite proud of my first month in and I'm glad I stuck to my goals! Stay tuned for February's theme and goal :)

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