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Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday and Residence Hall Opening Day!! Today has started off with a bang and a power outage. But, no worries friends the electricity and heat are running again. I'm really looking forward to this weekend! This week I have been driving myself into the ground and I am sensing a nasty cold or illness will plague me if I don't get some rest! Anyways, like most Fridays it's time to confess some things. Also, thanks for all of my readers (especially my co-workers) for making me laugh and feel special. I never thought these Friday Confessions would amount to anything, but I'm glad they give you a little joy!

I confess... I went snow tubing this past Sunday with my Residence Life Pro Staff. I knew that one could get hurt snow tubing, but I had no idea how easy it was. After the first run, two of my staff members flipped out of their tubes and got concussions. It was beyond icy that night and I realized that although it's fun to go sliding down a icy hill on a tube, it is definitely not the safest option. So, I'm sorry future children... snow tubing probably won't be in your future. On a side note, please keep my friends Alex and Keeyana in your prayers as they recover from their injuries (love you both)!

 I confess... Last summer when I started my new job I naturally bought a new planner... well, it only took 7 months for me to get sick of that planner and one trip to Target. So, $11.99 later and I have a new planner. What is kind of confess-able about this little tid bit is that it brings me a strange amount of pleasure to have a new planner and start writing future events in it. I have learned from my positivity research that simply anticipating a future event like a friend's wedding or a date can bring you great amounts of joy!
I confess... I love leading ice breakers/ team builders. Thank goodness I chose Residence Life. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing my staff work together to solve a problem. The only downside is my staff rocks at team builders, so I have give them a bunch of hoops to jump through (literally)! But, don't worry the blind folded people didn't have to jump!

I confess... I'm kind of regressing back to my middle school self with fonts. Now, before you freak out and think I'm using Comic Sans for all of my work signage I've been recently addicted to Century Gothic. I know this is kind of embarrassing, but I love how clean and crisp the font is! So, please excuse all of the Century Gothic that is plaguing my building.

I confess... I'm attempting to become a tea drinker. While I was at Target (shocker) they had a sale on their tea. So, naturally I had to buy it. I got two different types (lemon detox and nighty night) and my tea drinking habits have been going well. I'm officially a day in and I've had two cups already (hold the applause). My tea routine is as followed: lemon detox tea after lunch and nighty night before bed. I still enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning, so that probably won't change any time soon! What is your favorite types of tea?

Anyways, that's all I'm confessing this week! Stay tuned for next week when I'll share more juicy secrets from my life. 

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