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Monday, January 11, 2016

Break Recap

I'm currently on my Staff Retreat in Virginia, so I figured while I was away I would write you all this darling post about how my break went. As most of you know, I'm work as a Residence Director for a state school in PA. I love my job and my students. Nothing fills me with greater emptiness when they all leave for break... but, that emptiness is filled then followed by great joy because I too get to leave for break! So, here is how I spent my two and a half weeks off!
 I got home on a Tuesday morning and proceeded to take a nap. What better way to start break, than by napping for a few hours! Then my sister and I went to dinner and did some Christmas shopping. We also took a picture with Santa to surprise my mom for Christmas.

While on break, I got to see a bunch of High School friends, catch up with family, make ginger bread houses and snuggle with my dogs. And when I say snuggle I mean picture me, trying to drink coffee while being endlessly harassed by this knucklehead trying to lick my face.
 I also read a lot while on break. I finished two more Elin Hildebrand novels... and I must say she is still by favorite! I read more for my Happiness Project and read a lot of cookie recipes. My goal is to read a variety of different books (not just Elin) during this 2016 year, so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!

All and all it was a phenomenal break! I got to spend time with so many people and got to do so many things. I rung in the New Year with all of my greatest friends. Josh and I spent quality time with my grandma and made her lunch. Christmas was everything and more and we continued to do all of the amazing traditions.

Life is grand and break was grand! Now, I'm going to start getting back into the swing of things with work. Hope you all stay beautiful.


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