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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Straight vs. Curly

 five reasons why having straight hair is WAY easier than having curly hair...

1. You can literally wake up and go anywhere and not look deranged. 

Waking up an hour- hour and a half earlier because you have to shower every morning so you don't scare people can get real old real quick. Especially since my straight hair-ed peers can just role out of bed and brush their hair and go!

2. Brushing your hair is no problem

Have you ever seen what happens to someone with curly hair when they brush their hair? Boom. They are back in the 80s!

3. Your hair is longer by default 

When I let my hair go curly, it sits above my shoulders. But, if I straighten it my hair touches my shoulder bones. Coincidence? What was once a mom hair cut has improved itself! On a little side note, my curls don't seem to grow pass my shoulders no matter how hard I try to grow them out!

4. People don't make comments about your curly hair

Grocery store check out lady: "Oh my, are those curls natural?" ... me: "no ma'am this was God's gift to me" Grocery Store check out lady: "man, I used to pay a lot of money for curls like that!" #hairisconstantlybeingcoveted

5. Your hair has little to no frizz (at least not the way curly hair frizzes)

When my hair is straight I have little to no frizz. I usually have the occasional random short hairs that refuse to be bobby pinned down, but thats really a small consolation for frizz free hair!

see what I'm dealing with!!
Now, obviously there are numerous different types of straight and curly hair. Some people have really oily hair, really thin hair, really thick hair, etc! So, my opinion might not sit right with you! However, after having my hair straightened for this past week I must say I definitely think it is easier to work with.

However, as I sit here writing this post as my curly haired self I can't help but also feel grateful for "God's gift." And as much as I complain about how much hair products are, how long it takes to get ready, or what happens after I wear a hat I still love my hair (straight and curly)! Over the years, I have learned to be comfortable with who I am and I hope you feel the same way too.

Happy Wednesday friends :)


  1. So funny- I have stick straight hair and always wished for just a little curl growing up. Even with an extremely hot curling iron, my hair just won't hold a curl! Your hair is beautiful curly and straight!

    1. Thanks Chelsea!! We always want what we don't have! And I love your hair. It looks so healthy and long :)


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