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Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday Friends!!! I hope you are enjoying this day and you are loving life... if your a North East Coast resident I hope you are prepped and ready for this impending snow storm! Today, I'm confessing five things while I wait to be snowed in all weekend! 

I confess... I love Michaels coupons, however despite all of the times that I give them my email I NEVER RECEIVE THEM via email! I'm not sure if I blocked my email from receiving Michaels coupons or not, but I would really like to start receiving them... or maybe like a once a month coupon? That might be more ideal!

I confess... I laughed an awful lot at this meme! Props to Adams County Winery for putting up this hysterical post! Now, I probably won't be in the orange category... or even the aqua category, but for all of my wine lovers out there I'll stand in solidarity with you! Or I'll sit with a glass of wine in solidarity (you choose)!
I confess... I walk by this mirror every day and never give it much thought. But, boy can it capture an  outfit pic! I'm lacking a mirror like this in my apartment so I'm really excited to have learned the magical abilities of this mirror. #imanawfulselfietaker
I confess... I emailed the university I live at's IT Help Desk about my wifi dropping on my SmartTV. I struggled telling them that it is really inconvenient when the wifi drops and I can't binge watch my shows on Netflix. I mean really that's not a major issue, right? But, it's starting to get so annoying and there only suggestion was to plug my tv into an ethernet port (which, is not possible)! So, I guess I'll have to kiss Netflix goodbye for the remainder of the semester!

I confess... I went on a winter hike with Josh and his family on our day off earlier this week and it was easily probably the highlight of my week! We had such a blast and got in a solid 2.5 miles. I really enjoyed spending quality time with his family and exploring the chilly outdoors!

That's all for now... I'm slightly proud of myself for all of the blogging I have managed to do! Thanks for continuing to be my inspiration and I hope you enjoy your weekend.


  1. We have the same phone case! Target for the win!

    1. Yes!! As soon as I saw that phone case I was in love!!


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