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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Let's Get Reading

I saw this 2016 Reading Challenge on Facebook (shocker) the other day and i think it has really inspired me to try different books. Now, when I read it's either for three things: work, happiness, or Elin Hilderbrand. But, I really want to broaden my reading horizons! So, this 2016 Reading Challenge above has kind of inspired me to create my own reading challenge.

So, now premiering 
Radiating Sunshine's 2016 Reading Challenge: 

1. a book that is being turned into a motion picture (or has turned) 
2. a classic novel that will challenge me
3. a happiness book
4. a romance novel
5. a children's book
6. a book that I own but have never read 
7. a book that Josh has picked out for me
8. a book that I have read before
9. a book that a friend has suggested
10. a mystery book

Now, I would like to be optimistic and put 12 different books on this list... but, the way last semester went I finished two books over a course of five months. So, I'm going to stick with my 10 different books and hopefully will find more time to read!

Do you have any suggestions for books I should pick up? I should have added number 11 be "a book a blogger suggested!" Oh, well!! Comment below friends :)

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