Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 1/25/16

Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Recap 1/25/16

Happy Monday friends! Today, I'm enjoying a slow work day full of RD Interviews, RA programs, and potentially a night class. The university is closed today, but the students never sleep! Anyways, today I'm sharing how I spent the blizzard 2016. 

Before the snow storm hit, Josh and I squeezed in a date. We knew our plans to get together would get canceled because of Jonas. So, we hit up a Mexican restaurant, visited a Pet Store, picked up some groceries, and aimlessly toured Dicks Sporting Goods. I always drag Josh around all of my stores, so it was nice walking around Dicks with him and seeing what good deals we could find! 

After a busy day of work on Friday the snow finally came. It started out slowly at first and it was actually really nice. I got to officially break in my new E Spirit boots (fake LL Bean) boots and trekked to the library to do some Stat homework and re-fall in love with SPSS... 2 hours later and one hot chocolate finished I was ready to head home and cuddle up!
The next morning, I woke up early to assess the snow damage! We got about 34 inches of snow which is definitely the most I can ever remember getting. I decided to get a work out in and begin shoveling. I made a small little path to the dining hall and then started to freeze my little butt off so I needed to get retreat to my cozy apartment.
 After warming up, folding laundry, and doing some stats homework. I then proceeded to bake my day away. I started by teaching myself to make donuts. They were really easy to make! Seriously, I think it only took 10 ingredients total and of course this mixer makes life so much easier.

I loved making these donuts. They were so therapeutic to make. You had to mix all the ingredients without over mixing. Then you pour it into the donut pan and bake them until their golden brown. Once they are hot you need to remove them from the pan and then you can make the topping. I chose a cinnamon sugar topping and the rest is history (or in my tummy)... check Instagram for the final pictures!

I also baked skinny peanut butter banana muffins. I went completely rogue when I made these so they came out a little flat. But, they are delicious and will be perfect little breakfast muffins for this week. I love a little muffin and cup of coffee in the mornings... maybe one day I will be cereal person. But, for now I'll stick with what I love and thats muffins!
Sunday was filled with assessing more of the snow... and I started with my car. Yes, my car is under there. Unfortunately, the snow plows plowed a lot of the snow right next to my car. So, I began to shovel my car out. As I was shoveling, my supervisor Jen and a total stranger-resident came to help. I can't tell you how much that meant to me. It literally would have taken me hours to dig this car out, but with three shovels we cleared Penelope out within an hour of work! I'm always so touched by other's generosity so I decided to pay it forward. I shoveled two other student's cars out and hopefully they feel/felt called to pay it forward too. 
Sunday night was spent watching football and making salads in a jar. My prediction for the Super Bowl came true and the Broncos and Panthers are heading to the Super Bowl. I am now in a real pickle because I don't know who I'm going to cheer for. I'll really have to think about it and will update you all on who I am cheering for and what my prediction is. In regards to the salads... I'm thinking about sharing my favorite salad recipe on the blog later this week!
Anyways, that is how I spent this snowed in weekend! I made lots of food, baked a lot of treats, became a card dealer at Frostival, and FaceTimed Josh a lot. Hopefully, this is our last snow storm apart because really who wants to be snowed in by themselves?


  1. Hi Alex, visiting you from Blogs by Christian Women. Those donuts and muffins look delicious. Would love the recipe for the skinny peanut butter muffins. Hope you are thawing out some from all the snow.

    1. Thanks Wanda! I realized that I was already apart of BCW after I sent in my second request :) And the baked goods all around were delicious. The muffins didn't look pretty, but they are really good. Thanks :)


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