Radiating Sunshine: Why Chipotle is Not the Best First Date Option

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why Chipotle is Not the Best First Date Option

Now, before y'all start thinking I have a funny story to tell you about a first date at Chipotle that went badly wrong,  I want to note that this story is not my own… I was actually inspired to write this post as I stood in a long Chipotle line and saw a couple on a Chipotle date… 

So, why is Chipotle not the best first date option?

Eating a burrito is awkward… assuming that you don't get a burrito bowl. But, eating a burrito is awkward. And you have to be careful that you don't waste anything so, you attempt to eat it politely... but then you end up trying to bite into it with the biggest bite you've ever taken in your whole life and yeah. Eating a burrito is awkward. 

It's hard to talk while eating an enormous burrito. When I saw the couple on the date the guy looked like he was in pain because he was trying to choose between taking a bite of the burrito or continuing the conversation. You can't do both and still look good, so you have to choose.

For girls and some guys, you have to make the decision on whether to get a burrito bowl, which is the healthier option and can is easier to eat in front of someone or ordering the full on burrito, which tastes ten times better but can make conversation difficult. This is a tough decision to make and can cause some insecurities for both individuals. 

Onions… If you go for the mild salsa or really any of the salsas you're gonna have to deal with onion breathe and for the first date that may not be the greatest option, you decide. 

Privacy… Chipotle is one of the watering holes of America. Its delicious and is almost always busy every time you go. So, being able to have an intimate conversation or even be able to hear one another can be very difficult. 

The struggle is real when going to Chipotle for the first date… So, in my "professional-
dating-opinion" I think that waiting until the 2nd date to bond over the mutual love 
for Chipotle is the safer option. 


  1. Haha this is great! I actually went there for lunch yesterday with Mike and got tacos... what a mess! I can definitely see any guy struggling between this burrito and date (hard choice!!).

    1. Meg, I felt so sorry for the guy! He seriously looked in pain. But, Chipotle is delicious so it was probably a tough decision. And I could go for some tacos right about now.

  2. Hahaha this is so true. Parker and I actually went to Freebirds (basically the same thing as Chipotle) last week and I remember making a comment about what a terrible first date place that would be! We could not have been less graceful as we stuffed those giant burritos in our mouths haha


    1. I love Freebirds! Went to the one at Northgate when I was at A&M like once a week! And you're telling me, so funny you thought of that too!

  3. Hahaha!! This is hysterical! Years ago, I totally went to Chipotle for a lunch date in college. Yeah, so not sexy.

    1. Thanks, Jane! Totally just went to Chipotle on a date yesterday, but thankfully it wasn't too awkward :)


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