Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 2/24/14

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap 2/24/14

This weekend was amazing. Friday, Saturday, Sunday… everything… was  a m a z i n g! 

Friday night, I went out with a great friend! We went to Chipotle and talked for hours. He is a really amazing person and hopefully we will hang out soon. For once, I wasn't in a huge rush to get home for break which, was really nice. Hopefully a great friendship will ensue.

Saturday, was my first day home. Which, would be awesome even if all I did was stare into this pup's eyes and lounge in my pajamas all day. *disclaimer: I did not do that, I set up my mom's kindle, did household chores, and hung out with my parents*

Sunday, was just the greatest day. I went to church and then went to brunch with Hannah and Matt. At church there were a couple baptisms and chills literally ran through me as I saw two guys accept God as their savior. After, I came home… I sat outside and finished reading 'Black Boy', for my American Experience class. Kind of glad I finished it. Part 1 was definitely better, than part 2 but, all and all the book was written incredibly well and was really enlightening. Since, I finished reading for classes I can finally start up reading for fun… which, means I'm about to start 'Divergent'. I'll report back on my opinion of the book, but I've heard it is a great story so I'm pretty excited.

After a brutal winter (which, apparently is going to continue on Wednesday?) it was nice to just feel the sun on my skin and enjoy a cool breeze. Not to mention, I got to hang out with this model pup… I'm gonna go ahead and apologize in advance for the never ending pictures of June on the blog this week. 
On Sunday night, I went to my aunt and uncle's for dinner and cards with my cousins and grandma. It was such a simple night but, so much fun! We had meatloaf and vegetables. I made oreo balls and banana pudding for dessert. I also drank some delicious sweet tea, which definitely brought back some great memories from my past summer spent in Texas. After dinner, we played rummy which, is by far my favorite card game. So, if you like sweet tea and rummy we can be best friends. 
Oreo Balls are definitely God's gift to this world! 
 I love this dude so much! I was Brandon's confirmation sponsor a few years back and as far as cousins go he is pretty awesome. When I'm away at school I forget how much I miss this crazy family of mine. I wouldn't exchange them for the world and I can't wait to see them in a few weeks.

Also, if I'm a little MIA this week, I'm sorry! I have a bunch of plans for Spring Break, which include taking a break from staring at my computer screen. I promise once I get back to school the blogging will be more regular, but sometimes you just have to enjoy life without the pressure to document it.


  1. I also heard good things about Divergent, maybe I should start reading it hmmm. Gosh, those oreo balls look delicious...

    1. Zia, you should! I read it in one day #noregrets


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