Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 2/3/14

Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Recap 2/3/14

I'm not really sure when I became a food blogger… but I feel like the majority of my recent posts have centered around food… not sure if its a good or a bad thing! But, food is delicious… specifically dessert so I'll just let these samoas do the talkin'…
You can find the recipe for these guys, here. But, just a warning these cookies will take awhile to make!
So, this weekend was a great one! Not only was it super bowl weekend, but it was also homecoming weekend at the Mount. I spent Friday night making dinner and baking cookies with my best friends… and by baking cookies I mean creating the little works of art that you see above! Seriously, these handmade somoas took hours to make, but they were worth it. 

On Saturday, I spent the morning meeting with the alumni committee and making great plans for the Mount's future. I also went to the men's basketball game with a friend. And after the game,  I spent the evening bonding with my residents and doing homework. Yeah, I know a wild Saturday night. But, I kind of love weekend nights spent curled up with a book and a warm cozy blanket. 

I woke up bright and early Sunday morning and moved to my second home, the library. I spent pretty much all day at the library, but I got so much done which made spending the remainder of my night at various friend's apartments watching the Super Bowl so much more enjoyable. Now, I am a little disappointed that the Seahawks won. I was definitely cheering for Peyton and the Broncos, but I have to admit the Seahawks played incredibly well! 

Now, I'm sure millions of people would agree with me, when I say that the commercial below was definitely one of the best one shown at this year's Super Bowl. I'm a sucker for puppies and friendship, which means that the only thing that could have made this commercial "better" is if Luke Bryan was in it… but hey, I'm not complaining. 

In the words of the Seattle Seahawks' quarterback, Russell Wilson "God is so good."  
I'm incredibly thankful for all that life has offered me and for another safe and awesome weekend. 


  1. Omg those look amazing! And you always make me miss college! <3

    1. Jane, they were so delicious. But, also so exhausting to make. I couldn't eat one until the next day because I was so wiped out. And awh everyone says that. Can't tell if its a good thing or a bad thing!

      - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine


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