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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Appreciation. A simple but, sometimes a necessary thing in life. It's important that you feel appreciated, whether its from your significant other, family members, or co-workers its nice to feel that the handwork you put into your job or role in a community has been noticed and is valued. Now, being appreciated is great, but what is almost more important in my eyes is appreciating others. So, as nice as it is to know that the work you do is valued, it is even better to show someone else that their work is valued.

Especially, if their job usually involves staying up really late, having weird and uncomfortable conversations, getting into fights with staplers as you put up paper onto a board that is twice your size… the list could go on, but what I'm trying to get at is one day a year all of the #raproblems that one feels kind of evaporate. That day was yesterday, or more commonly known as RA Appreciation Day.

I personally find the RA job very rewarding (minus the stapler issue- its a real thing I promise), so having a full day to appreciate the work I do is super amazing! It's kind of like a holiday, except I still have classes and work. But, I do eat a bunch of treats. So, it's basically a holiday.  

The bags were our RA Survival Kits that came with a bunch of cute little things 
to help us get through our RA jobs! We also have t-shirts coming in the mail, which is totally awesome
because who doesn't like t-shirts from Res. Life!! 
Let me just say, that for a solid hour I sat on that sofa and helped myself
to the pound cake, fudge, and chips. My lunch consisted of primarily of what you see here
and i'm not ashamed. 
And finally after a long day of work, I got back to my room (to prep for a night of rounds)
and found a cute card and flowers from my residents
 So, needless to say my day was made and I absolutely love my residents, my bosses for making yesterday awesome, and for everyone who appreciates all the work RAs do behind the scenes. 

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