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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finding God Everywhere

On Monday, I received a text from a friend asking "How have you seen God today?" I was surprised  by the text but, when I sat down to think of my answer I realized that I truly see God in so many aspects of my life.

For starters,

I see him in others
I see him when my professor become passionate about the topic were discussing in class
I see him in the way the sun shines down on me
I see him in the first moments after I wake up from a great dream
I see him when my friend smiles
I see him in words that inspire me
I see him through my education
I see him when I read my daily devotions

God surrounds us at all times. Sometimes it can be easy to go through your day and not recognize the fact that He is everywhere. But, today I'm challenging you to ask another person where they see God!

This is what my friend Alex said, in regards to our discussion…  "I saw God today through other people. When I felt like I couldn't feel Him today it was really enlightening and beautiful to hear all the different ways God has uniquely touched different lives today" 


  1. Love this. He really is all around us. Thanks for joining us for Christian Women Sunday Share.

    1. Of course! Its so important to recognize His presence throughout the day :)


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