Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 2/17/14

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Recap 2/17/14

Happy Monday, friends! 

This past weekend was amazing and the countdown to Spring Break is officially on… 5 days! So, another Monday means another Weekend Recap: 

Friday: We had a three hour delay, which was weird… but kind of nice? After work, I headed over to my friend Alex's and we made a valentine's day cookie cake and got ready to go out!

I went out for Chinese food with two of my co-workers, Estela and Nicole! We ended up sitting at the restaurant and talked for hours. It was so nice catching up with them and they are awesome girls!

Where is the Love?
Theme: Love & Diversity

Saturday: was a very productive day! Not only did I finish a lot of my psych homework, I also did laundry, put up a bulletin board, and had rounds!

Yes, I wrote all the lyrics to the rap, "Where is the Love" by the Black Eyed Peas. And yes, it took me a very long time. But, it was definitely worth it!

I love U2 so, I definitely wasn't gonna say no to a Bono quote for the bulletin board!

Sunday: was homework day… I have two midterms this week and one of my classes allows a one-sided sheet of paper with whatever notes/definitions we would like to include to use on the midterm. So, when given the opportunity to have a page full of notes, this is what happens... 

It was a low key weekend, but I loved going out with friends and getting a lot of work done!
Can't wait for next weekend because I'll finally be able to go home.


  1. Glad you got to spend time with friends and get some work done. Sometimes I really enjoy weekends where I just knock things off the to-do list. Good luck on your tests this week!


    1. Thanks, Chelsea! I felt so productive and I'm trying to carry that productiveness throughout this week!

      - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  2. How come you have spring break so early? Mine is in April, but then classes start in February, so... Loving the cheat sheet by the way hahaha

    1. We start classes in January and get out in in early May, so our spring break is half way through the semester! But, we also get an extended weekend in April for easter so I think its just timing hahah! Happy Tuesday ;)


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