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Friday, December 6, 2013

It Can't Be Friday?

Yesterday I was having lunch with a close friend and we were making plans for the weekend. We decided to plan to have dinner on Friday and we kept talking about it like it was still a few days away and then suddenly I looked up at her and was like "you mean tomorrow!" We both were dumbstruck with the thought that Friday was just around the corner. Now, I promise we were not suffering from amnesia or anything, but this week has just seemed to go on and on that Friday actually surprised me. 

Now, grant it today I'll be going to class, and then to work, and then I'll be starting to studying for finals. My current state of procrastination is at an all-time high so, this weekend is gonna be pretty rough. But, today is Friday so I am happy that I know almost all of you will be getting ready to enjoy a nice December weekend! So, while you're out to dinner or seeing a movie, think of my sorry butt sitting in a library cubicle trying to crank out my last term paper and study for all of my finals. 

Above selfie is of me at work… drinking the biggest cup of coffee I can get and chillin with 30+ programming proposals.

And even though this Friday is gonna be pretty crappy for me, I am kind of excited to be officially done with this semester in t-minus 5 days. That's right 5 DAYS!


  1. Good luck with studying!!! You are SO CLOSE!!! And just think, your Snowflake Swap box will be waiting for you at home when you're finally done!!

    1. Thanks Meg!! I'm so ready to get home… Hope you got my snowflake swap box soon?!

      XOXO, Alex

  2. yay school! I feel you girl- I seriously can't wait to be done. this week went by super fast for me too I can't believe its the weekend already!

    1. I know, I'm seriously so over college… Hope you spend your Friday night doing something fun!!

      - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine


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