Radiating Sunshine: A Christmas Sleepover

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Christmas Sleepover

So, curious how to have a fabulous Christmas sleepover with your best friends… stay tuned folks because I have a complete account of my Christmas themed sleepover with my two favorite girls!
Hopefully this will be one of the last poor quality WaveCam pics from the iPhone!
One-So, start your Christmas sleepover by grazing the kitchen for dinner. If you're lucky you'll find a box of Mac and Cheese, some spinach for a salad, and leftovers from various places! Not to mention, your fridge will be thanking you for making so much space so you can start prepping for Christmas dinner leftovers! 

Ignore the pile of bread and casserole dishes… my mom likes to "assemble" her dishes several days before the holiday!
Two- Next on the Christmas sleepover agenda is the gingerbread house! Now, this is a Honsberger family tradition that we have continued over the years. This year I had my two best girlies help create the beauty you'll see below!

Yeah, the icing wasn't really working as well as we hoped… so we kind of made a mess of our "gingerbread house"

not pictured: Hannah and I chasing each other around the kitchen with our hands covered in icing. Also, not pictured: me tripping over a chair as I barely escaped Hannah's hand full of icing and Hannah on the floor dying with laughter as Juneau (my dog) licked the icing off of her face. 

So, we stepped away from the traditional gingerbread house… but I think our Ginger-bunny with green hair eating a snowman is pretty original. I mean come on if this doesn't win for the cutest gingerbread house I don't know what will!

Three- Next on the Christmas sleepover agenda is SUGAR COOKIES! So, we made two different batches… we did the traditional cut out cookies with sprinkles and then we made these beauties… Christmas swirl cookies! I'll post the recipe for y'all later when I go over what fine foods will be making their appearance at our Christmas dinner. 

Four- Also, you can't forget a gift exchange between your friends! If you're lucky like I am you will have a friend who is super crafty and will make you cute room decorations that you won't be able to stop looking at and saying how much you love them! Thanks Alex for making Hannah and I these cute wall decorations! But, seriously I love it… to death… like I'm looking at it right now. 

 Five- I would also suggest ending your night with a Christmas movie… We watched Love Actually and by we I mean… I fell asleep 15 minutes in, Hannah made it through half, and at 2:30am I woke up to find Alex watching it by herself. Sorry Alex, I'm such a grandma! 

Anyways, there are the ingredients to having the best Christmas themed- sleepover with your friends… If your a boy well, you may want to alternate some (or all) of the ingredients! Happy Christmas Eve Eve! 


  1. Oh my gosh, this sounds like the most amazing night!!! I'm so glad you explained the ginger-bunny because 10 seconds of a snap chat was definitely not enough to understand it haha (sorry!). Those swirl cookies also look fantastic - I can't wait to see the recipe. Happy Christmas Eve Eve, friend!

    1. I'm definitely gonna share the recipe! The cookies are so pretty that I can't leave y'all in the dark! And ahhh I know our ginger-bunny is wild!

      - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine


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