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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Letters from Grandma


For the past three years that I have been away at college my grandma and I have written letters to each other. Usually we write once a month and we catch up and make plans for when we will see each other next. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. Her letters literally brighten my day and today I received a letter that was drafted in an email and somewhat addressed to all of you and Radiating Sunshine as a whole! Not sure if this was intentional or not but, needless to say it gave me a great opportunity to post about my wonderful Grandma Bee! 

As a little girl I almost always had a baby doll with me.
Literally, some doll was always in my arms and I cared
for them like my parents cared for me. 
I'm a huge family gal. For anyone who knows me they know how important family is to me. One my favorite memories as a child included going to Gma Bee's house and baking things and playing cards. We call my grandma, Grandma Bee because she is allergic to bees and my dad thought it would be funny to nick-name her after bees. Don't ask me why, but the name stuck and I've always called her Gma- Bee! But, anyways I just wanted to share on this fine Tuesday how much I love my grandma and how I can't wait to see her in 2 weeks. But, seriously cannot wait :)

So, I challenge you to pick up a pen and get some paper and write
a letter to a family member in your life. It doesn't have to be long 
and you can even draft it in an email. But, it is important to always
remind family how much you love them. 

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