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Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's Monday y'all and you know what that means? Time to recap the weekend and start looking forward to the upcoming weekend that will be here in a few days! 

So, this weekend was another great one. I didn't dress up once for Halloweekend and that's quite okay with me! But, I still made some great memories and as I sit and write this post I just feel so blessed for all the opportunities I get to do! 

Anyways on Friday I helped my good friend, Afton move into her new cottage! The Mount wanted to build/give a new residence hall experience so they decided to build 4 cottages which are adroable! After moving her in, Hannah and I went back to Hannah's place and met up with some other friends and ordered Chinese food and watched Dirty Dancing. If that's not a perfect Friday night than I don't know what is!! 

On Saturday I joined up with some of my best buds friends and we checked out Make Studio in Baltimore which is an art therapy studio for people wth intellectual disablities! They primarily work with men and women with autism and the ages range from 18- mid 50s! Not only does the studio give the artists an opportunity to challenge themselves and create amazing art, but they hold shows which allows their work to be sold and to raise awareness about human dignity and the importance of an inclusion in a society.

We had lunch in the inner habor and debriefed what we saw at the studio and why inclusion is so important! 

And Saturday night we had a baking night where we made soft pretzels! I recently have been the biggest fan of homemade pretzels and I have been trying out a bunch of different recipes. Hopefully I will be able to narrow one down or combine a few that I like! Once I do, I'll be sure to share it with all of you!


Anyways, until next time! I hope you have a happy Monday :)

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