Radiating Sunshine: #046: Mail a Thinking of You Box

Monday, November 18, 2013

#046: Mail a Thinking of You Box

So, I've always wanted to send a random 'Thinking of You' box. But, it always was just put on the back burner and (or) saved for a birthday present. So, that's why back in September when I made my 101 in 1001 list I made sure I put it on the list so that I was held accountable, and boy am I glad I did! 

I sent the 'Thinking of You' box to my dearest sister, Brooke! A little while back she called me and was just so frustrated with High School, boys, and college applications. Right after I got off the phone with her I knew that she would be receiving the box. The next day this baby was in the mail, but not after I filled it with a ton of goodies and a letter to her.

I labeled each gift I put in the box so that she knew exactly why I put it in the box. She called me after she received it and told me she laughed so hard at all of my tiny explanations… she said that the Mount lanyard specifically made her smile, because the explanation said "in case NC State doesn't workout… come live with me forever"." 

I love my sister and I'm thankful for her everyday. When we were younger we did not see eye to eye and spent most of our time fighting over who got the nice barbie doll house or who got to watch TV after school. However, college has changed us and I'm so glad we are so much closer.

Also, here is the official count down until I see her again: 6 days (I can 
barely contain my excitement) 

Picture from her last visit to the Mount!


  1. What a sweet idea!
    Stopping by from the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nicole! Can't wait to connect. And she absolutely loved the box. It was so nice to make her day :)

      - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine


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