Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap

Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was Ring Dance! So, I decided to make that this Weekend Recap's theme.

Classic pre-dance kitchen picture

So, lets talk dress details… I had such a hard time deciding what dress I should wear. I had two options one is the flowery tight dress that you see above and the other was a purple strapless that I wore to the Christmas dance last year. Now, I had not worn the flowery dress since high school and it definitely showed my curves, which made me hesitant. 

But, after asking people "1 or 2" because I'm a child and I can't make my own decisions… I finally decided on the flowery tight option. Now, I got this dress 4 years ago at Express and it practically made my day knowing that I could still fit and (or) look decent in it!

Check out these beautiful class rings!

Why didn't I get a class ring? Well, I actually didn't really consider getting one. Yes, the memories would be nice and I know its like a right of passage. But, I honestly just did not feel like spending that much money on something that I might not even wear every day. I already have the two rings that I wear regularly and they are simple and work for me. 

Showing off our rings!

The rest of the weekend was spent writing papers and prepping for this crazy upcoming week. Oh and yesterday I went for a run and got my best mile time yet… hey there 7:15! Woohoo!


  1. Hahaha your rings are EPIC! Plus I am glad you took florals because it's so pretty.

    1. Thanks, Noor!! We felt so goofy showing off our rings :)

      - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine


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