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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Glorifying College Cafeteria Food

Lets talk college real quick… Its pretty hard for college students to eat healthy. College students with a meal plan are constantly being temped by chicken tenders, pizza, cheeseburgers, and all around fatty foods. Its a very rare occurrence that a college or university (as much as they try) can provide a substantial amount of healthy food that students want to actually eat. So, its crucial that college students pick and choose what they eat carefully and attempt to make the best out of eating at a cafeteria everyday. 
So, I decided to put together a list of ways that I brighten and improve my cafeteria food diet. Now, the Mount only has one dining hall and works hard to provide some variety. However, after eating similar things for months on end its easy to stop choosing the vegetables and start choosing pizza. So, thats why I work hard to make sure that I give myself a healthy variety of different food options. 

So, lets check out how I "glorified" my favorite soup. I love the Red Pepper and Gouda soup. It is literally a perfect cup of goodness, check out a post I wrote in September about my addiction! But, seriously this soup is delicious, but can get old. So, I spice it up with some spinach leaves, parmesan cheese, and a few croutons. Not only do I get to eat something that looks delicious, but it tastes delicious too. Sometimes add a couple little things can really turn your meal from bland to extraordinary!

My second favorite way to "glorify" cafeteria food is to turn a Caprese sandwich into a caprese salad.  By removing the bread, adding some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, some spinach leaves and voila I have a delicious salad that I am love!

Another amazing salad that the Mount provided a few weeks back is the Greek Salad! This is new to the Mount's menu and was seriously the best thing. It gave a variety of different (and new) tastes and really changed up my usual routine. Not to mention I don't usually have access to feta cheese so this delicious salad really improved my day. 

And lastly, the typical Friday lunch. Usually I don't sit down and have a big lunch (I just eat snacks throughout the day), but on Friday's I treat myself to something special. Usually I get a sandwich and pair it with something delicious (and occasionally unhealthy :p). This past Friday, I had my usual chicken salad, spinach, and paperback cheese half sandwich and paired it with sweet potato fries. I love sweet potato fries and I cannot explain to you how this lunch made my entire day!

I'm hoping to put up more posts on glorifying college food. Usually when I get something delicious I forget to take a picture of it but I know its important to eat healthy and get variety so I will continue sharing the ways that I work on spicing up my daily meals. 


  1. So many great recipes . But I can reassure you that I will keep eating unhealthy food as long as I am in high school/college.

    1. Hahahhahahahahah Noor I love this comment! Thats okay I totally had a carb overload dinner tonight :p

      Alex @ Radiating Sunshine


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