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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wait, You Live Here?

So, lets talk about residence hall rooms... or dorms for my non-student affairs folks! They are bland, usually tiny, and can be kind of gross. But, regardless of how the room looks you have to live 6 months+ of out of the year in it and its important you make it a space that you can call home. 

So, that is exactly what one of my good friends and fellow RA, Abel did. Below is an image of his room that looks like it was just taken from a magazine... but, seriously this room is beautiful. In my opinion it should receive Bed, Bath, and Beyond's Most Creative/Organized dorm room of the year!
 So, here are some words from Abel on where he found the inspiration for this masterpiece. 

"Everything about life should be glamorous, but things get complicated when coming to college where the dorm room is off white and the furniture is an awful birch, the challenge is especially difficult. The black fridge posed the greatest threat to my design scheme because black takes away the appeal when working with softer tones of color. So instead of hiding the black, I made it a feature throughout the room in the mirror, carpet, television, bookshelf and chair. This took away from the burden of working around it. I am obsessed with chevron patterns so I also wanted to feature it in the room as well, in a way that was not overwhelming. That is why I chose the design to be shared among the futon, ottoman, and bedding. Next I used my favorite color of “Tiffany Blue” to accent the room and take of away some of the morose feeling the wall paint offered as you can see with the hand sown curtains, pillows and various other accents. I chose the icicle lights to coat the room with just the right amount of lighting so that the hideous florescent would never have to be used. I finalized the room’s design with a few personal items from home to make it feel more welcoming. In the end, I achieved my goal of making the room an environment that is glamorous and balanced. My room is nowhere near finished and I hope as the year continues I can add more d├ęcor to enhance the rooms personality."
I am honored and pleased that you liked my room so much as to blog about it.

Thank You,

And an added bonus for y'all is this adorable little bench that Abel spiced up for his hall. This could
be a fabulous reading nook and (or) a place to just relax with friends. 

So, I think its safe to say that I want Abel to come decorate my room and make it look just as beautiful as his. But, seriously this is a college res. room success story right here!


  1. would have loved to live in dorm during college. But my college is near my parents house so hehe.
    The dorms looks greatly decorated!

    Anna Czarina

    1. Thanks for the comment Anna! And seriously, Abel did an amazing job!

      - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine


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