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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Feeling Stressed Out? Hall Program Goodies

So, this past Sunday some RAs and I did a much needed craft! We made stress socks.

Now, what is a stress sock some of you may ask! Well, I'll tell you with these awesome step by step instructions: 

Step One: 

First, y'all need to get a knee high sock! They sell knee highs almost anywhere and you can get a ton of adorable patterns. Mine has baby penguins on it... {insert adorableness here}

Step Two:
 Then, you need to add rice into the sock. I would fill the sock about 60-70% up... Which would be about two inches over the heal depending on your sock length. 

Handy dandy paper funnel... very useful in the pouring rice in sock process. 

Step Three: 

Roll down the sock so you can see the rice, which will make pouring the lavender onto the rice a lot easier. 

Step Four: 

Make your stress sock smell heavenly with a tablespoon of lavender oil that you pour directly over the rice. 

 Step Five: 

Sew the end of your sock together. You can hand sew or use a machine but make sure you double up on the thread so there is no way that your rice will spill.

And voilĂ ... microwave for a minute or put in the freezer and you have yourself a wonderful stress reliever. This has definitely been one of my favorite hall programs. It was so easy to do, not that expensive, and makes a lasting product for my residents to enjoy! 


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