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Monday, October 14, 2013

How I Spent Fall Break

This past Fall Break was ah-maz-ing! I don't know whether it was just hanging out with the family, visiting my grandparents, baking, and spending time with friends I just had the greatest time. I didn't have any major plans and I let opportunities like winning Chick-Fil-A pop up in my agenda! It was really nice just going with the flow of things and I even completed a 101 in 1001 item which I'll be writing about later this week.

After the week I had before break I definitely needed some quiet time at home with the pups, sweets, and Netflix!
Below are just a few pictures of how I spent my Fall Break:

Baking the mini-apple pies and the bread pudding! So yummy... also
the apron is courtesy of my darling sister, Brooke! 

First scarf-wear of the season! The weather has been so inconsistent and finally mid-way through October I got to break out the scarfs. This orange and navy scarf is from The Limited! Absolutely love the colors and how soft it is. 

As I sit here back in my dorm room... I can't help but wish I was at home playing with Juneau and relaxing. So, here is to the next 5 weeks until I'm home... I hope it goes quickly and that I stay busy!


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  1. dorms looks fun, but indeed i would be missing my family too! :( :(


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