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Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Minute Beach Trip

So, when I got the RC position down in Texas, I was over joyed! Not only would I have a great job, but I would be in a new place and would be making some great memories.

However, there were some bittersweet feelings because I knew that my chances to go to the beach with my family would be slim to none.

Love my family!
Every year my family has gone to OBX with some close family friends. This is going to be the last year because now all of us college kids are getting jobs/internships and it is getting too

complicated for all of us to get off work. The beach week is literally the highlight of the year. We go with a great group and we do so many cool things.

So, I made some unofficial plans with RCs to spend my break (intersession: 4 day break between closing of Term 1 and training for Term 2) to spend time in Texas... but last week all of those plans were replaced by my plane ticket to Norfolk, Virginia so I can go to the beach with my family.

I'm bummed that I'll be missing out on some staff bonding... but I'm SO EXCITED for the beach with family and friends. Plus, my parents promised me that we will take some family pictures on the beach, which we have never done before.

So, here is to the next 50 hours until I'm at the beach with my family and friends! Can't wait to see you all and spend a few days making our last trip the best one yet! 

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