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Saturday, June 15, 2013

just a few updates

Howdy y'all... I'm currently squeezing in this post to give you a couple updates on the past few evenings!

First Update: my first trip to Sonic!! This was definitely a monumental moment in my life... but seriously. Went with some great RCs and it was so delicious!!

Down here (probably every Sonic location?), they have half priced shakes after 8pm... so a dollar for a mini milkshake what could be better?

Second Update: Matie the squirrel! My boss brought Matie back from a South African university to use as our Kudos squirrel. So, every other day the person who has Matie gives him to another member of our staff for doing a remarkable job with something.

Courtesy of my fellow RC, Brandon... Matie came home with me on Thursday... which means that tonight I need to select someone from our staff to pass Matie along too! Wish me luck, folks! It is hard to choose someone when everyone has been working just as hard and is awesome :)

Third Update: I-N-S-A-N-I-T-Y... before you all start worrying I'm not losing my mind, just working out :) Some fellow RCs / Admin staff have started doing Insanity, the ridiculously hard workout video everyday. It has been going pretty well, so far. The only downside is that I was super sore the next day and well my bed is somewhat lofted... and I'll let you picture me flinging myself on the bed and crawling to get in.

Also, while on the topic of exercise... another co-worker/friend, Danielle and I started power-walking in the mornings. That has been great so far and this campus is so big that you could literally walk for miles on end.

Fourth Update: I'm now officially Mama Minion to my girls. Like what is that? Oh... and while on the topic of my girls (who are T. Swift obsessed) I now know almost every word to every song by Taylor Swift.

So, we are never ever getting back together, like ever and 
I knew you were trouble before you even walked in!

Thanks for stopping by! You all are

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