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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Day For Me

As an RC, I work 6 days a week. I work weird hours and cover different duties everyday. So even though I am working almost all the time, it has been such a great experience. I love to work with people so to get paid to hang out with students, play games, do crafts, and work with a great staff is like a dream come true. 

Working for Duke TIP has been a fabulous experience thus far... however, my one day off a week is cherished. 
Wore a new outfit
around College Station
Top: The Loft
Shorts: Banana Republic

Here is a brief recap of how I spent my first day    
off in College Station: 

Well, when an RC is off it is in a 10am to 10am time slot!
So, this morning I took my lovely ladies to breakfast. Then,

.... I came back and NAPPED! Last night I got about
three hours of sleep because I was helping another staff member
create the evening events schedule for today. We both just jammed
to some music and hung out with some RCs. It was a great
time, that was rewarded with a terrific nap.

... then I went to The Pita Pit for the first time ever with two other
RCs who have the day off too! If any of ya have heard of Pita Pit,
its kind of set up like Chipotle, but instead of burritos
they have pitas! It was so delicious and an added bonus was that we
got to eat for free since there was a promotion provided by a local
apartment complex. So, delicious pita for free-- sweet!

... then I relaxed! Caught up on some blogs, sipped sweat tea, watched
a little bit of Netflix until I went to dinner with some RCs that were off!

... then, I got to Facetime with my parents and of course little Juneau
(siberian husky, who I miss dearly). It was great seeing them and talking
with them! After, that me and the other two RCs that are off decided
we would go on an adventure and trek to Sonic. We walked to one that
was closed down (bummer), and then we started walking to another
but it was 4 miles away so we just turned around and came back.

... I then caught up with some of my RC Group in the hallway. Even
though it was my day off I still really wanted to hear about their days! After,
chatting with them I went to the staff meeting to hear about my staff's days.
We ate some sweets and played a couple mind games!

... After the staff meeting, the RCs that were off plus an extra RC and I went
out to Fuego which is a mexican-taco restaurant that only exists in College
Station! Its open 24-7 and we got there around 12:30am? Needless to say it
was a delicious midnight snack! We then jammed to musicals and went to
Walmart to buy Father's Day cards and snacks!

... finally around 2am we made it back to campus. On our walk back to the
Res. Hall we came to an interesting dilemma. Walk all the way around the building
or run through the sprinklers. For those of you who know me well, you could
guess that there was no way I wasn't gonna run through those sprinklers.
Most of us ended up getting soaked and even ran around a little more than needed.
It was just such a simple staff bonding and was so much fun.

It was a great day to just rejuvenate, relax, and run through sprinklers.

Until next time Tuesday!
Thanks for stopping by :)

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