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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Texas Won't Let Me Go

So, I should be writing this post in a beach house in OBX... but instead I'm here in my dorm room in College Station, TX. How can that be? Well, its well known with Duke TIP that no plans during Intersession really work out the way they should, and that's sort of what happened on Sunday.

Instead of boarding a plane to fly to be with family and friends, I was road tripping to San Antonio for a few days! But, why?

Well, on Sunday morning the plane that was suppose to take me to Dallas broke! They had no guaranteed departing time and I was already going to miss my connection from Dallas to Norfolk. So, while at the counter talking with the American Airlines representatives about what I could do and weighing the costs of each plan, I decided to get my tickets refunded and just stay in Texas for break.

The decision killed me because I was so excited to see my family and family friends. It has only been a month since I left Maryland. But, knowing that I have another 4 weeks until I can see my family... and even then I will only have a week before I leave for AC training just felt very overwhelming.

But, God always has a plan... so if I'm suppose to be in Texas than I'm suppose to be in Texas. Now, being the little planner that I am, I definitely wasn't gonna stay in Texas and do nothing. So, on Sunday afternoon a few TIP friends and I were at the pool and we decided to take a trip to San Antonio and go to Schlitterbahn, a water park! So, around 5:30pm we picked up some Sonic drinks and hit the road!

Sunday night at the River Walk

Now, luckily for us Duke TIP has a program at Trinity University in San Antonio and we were so thankful to stay there. The Residence Halls at Trinity are awesome, just a little side note for y'all!

Sunday night we hit up the River Walk which was so cool! The River Walk is basically the San Antonio river flowing in between a network of different restaurants and shops. It was really incredible and beautiful. We had dinner around 10:30pm, which has become a usual thing since all the Tipsters have left and we are no longer forced to eat at 5pm, and we ate at a Mexican restaurant called The Original. After dinner, we called it a night and prepared for our fun day at Schlitterbahn.

The 'TIP Me' tanks are great! They even say "howdy"
on the back!

On Monday, we spent the majority of the day at the water park! The water park was really nice and the weather was decent too. Half way through the day the sun just disappeared so we were freezing walking between the different slides. It was just a really fun and relaxing day. After, spending the whole day at Schlitterbahn we all went back and went to dinner at Dick's Last Resort on the River Walk. At Dick's Last Resort they try to insult you and give you attitude. I wasn't very impressed with the restaurant in general, but I'm glad I got to see what all the hype was about!

We also checked out the Alamo while in San Antonio and that was pretty cool too. The Alamo is definitely something you can't spend a day on, but it was interesting to walk by and at night there weren't a lot of people there so we got the full experience.

I am definitely missing my family and friends, but we are constantly sending each other pictures/ snap chats of what we are doing so its like I'm there even though I'm in Texas.

So, maybe my real intersession plans got ruined... but in reality they were replaced 
by some pretty great new plans with some really great people. Here is to the rest
of Intersession being a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!

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