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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Updates

Weekend updates... courtesy of my iPhone! Sorry, for the photo dump! It was a great weekend and I'm starting to get sad that I only have 5 days left with my minions. 

Friday we had the traditional Staff vs. Tipsters
Ultimate Frisbee Game! For any of you who know me
personally, you will know that sports/ coordination in
general aren't really my forte.

However,  I surprised myself and actually through
the frisbee fairly accurately. I actually loved the
game and I can't wait for next term!

Exhaustion has taken on a new form.
But, seriously the weekend may be three days
but it feels like a full week.
Late night Sonic runs for milkshakes
has become a norm for the res. staff.

Pretty sure Sonic almost died when
we called in this order at 11:50pm.

My AC finally got fixed. So, my in dorm
swimming pool is now shut down for the season!
Sorry friends :) 

Saturday was Agfest and I was working
Quad games which was AWESOME!

The main attraction: putting Vasoline all over
a watermelon and having the kids pass it around.

Other attractions: orange relay (pass orange using
only neck/chin-- intense), pudding fling (exactly what it sounds),
jello snarffle (kids eat jello with only their mouth in a race).

Saturday night we had a circus themed dance!
It was great and we did face-painting which
was a hoot! 

Sunday was a great day! I went to church with some
tipsters in the morning and then we had movie time!

After dinner we went to Grand Station, where we got to
play unlimited bowling, mini golf, laser tag and arcade games!
This was a great staff bonding experience and I'm so pumped
for next term. 

Thanks for stopping by! Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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